Erotic Hypnosis Demonstration

Erotic Hypnosis Demonstration

Erotic hypnosis starter script

An easy erotic hypnosis script

The Erotic Hypnosis Party Starter is a simple hypnosis demonstration that can hypnotize most people. It is fun to do in a bar or at a party. It is easy to learn, safe, and you quickly get a great reputation as a cool hypnotist.

hypnosis susceptiblity testIt requires no special set up and can be done pretty much anywhere. Just make sure that the person you are doing it with is OK with being used for the demo. Do not make a fool of the person, or embarrass them publicly. After it is over, you need to announce to every one ‘what a good sport she is, let’s all show some appreciation’. And assure the person ‘you haven’t done anything to embarrass yourself, everyone thinks you are just great to be so adventurous and open to new ideas. All the hypnosis effects has gone now. Thank you.’

You need to communicate total certainty about what is going to happen to the person you are hypnotizing in a subtle but unmistakable way. Do not try to speak too quickly. Don't put on a 'funny' voice. Just speak in your normal, natural tone.

You have to deliver the suggestions with absolute belief in your voice. Everyone is susceptible to hypnosis, but any hesitation or anxiety will be picked up. Unless you totally believe in the power of hypnosis, the other person won't.

Extract from the Erotic Hypnosis Demonstration Script

What I would like you to do now is to put your hands like that [demonstrates palms together, hands upright] [Use a little bit of theatre here]... now like that [demonstrates clasping] ... now put your fingers up like so [demonstrates raising the two index fingers] with a gap between them, about an inch... [see the photo above]…
Now allow your mind to think about how sexy you can feel…
And just look at that gap in the middle, pay attention to that gap... feel that feeling getting stronger... and just look at that gap ...
and as you look at that gap you see those fingers are moving together ... closer and closer...
And because you are feeling so sexy, you can’t stop those fingers moving…
- - - -  This script is in the Personal Erotic Collection - - - 
Now that was a demonstration of the power of your mind... your mind is very, very strong .... and you can go into hypnosis very very quickly and easily....

Everyone should respond to it, so it if doesn't work it means that the person you are testing is actively resisting your suggestions. The resistance usually occurs because during the demo the person sees their fingers moving mysteriously. They feel that they are losing control, so they will deliberately pull back their fingers.

Even those people it doesn't work on will be impressed because they will always admit that they saw their fingers beginning to move before they started resisting. Build on this to point out that they were actually feeling sexy going into trance and only their own deliberate intervention prevented it. This usually leads on to a discussion about hypnosis and a willingness to try another method. At the very least you will find yourself being talked to, and about.

The routine works on everyone because of the human body works. If you hold your index finger straight up the ligaments in your hand will naturally contract and pull the finger forward. So if you hold both index fingers up they will automatically mover towards each other, which looks like they are being attracted by some mysterious force. When you say that you, the hypnotist, are causing it, most people will believe you.

The combination of inevitable physical movement linked to suggestion is very powerful. Most people will report being unable to move their fingers when they touch, and at that moment they really believe they are stuck together by magic. Or by how sexy they want to feel.

Turn it into a hypnotic induction

In some people you will see their eyes glaze and get a 'spacey' look. For these people all you have to do is say

'In a moment I will count from Three down to One, and when I reach One your hands will drop into your lap and you will fall into a deep trance. Counting now, Three, Two, One. Sleep!'

You are then dealing with someone who is in trance. You can think up suggestions to go on from there. For example…

"When you open your eyes you will feel compelled to kiss the person in front of you."

"You are now feeling sexy and warm and ready for a cuddle."

"You are feeling hot. The room is hot. It is hotter than you can ever remember. You need to take off an item of clothing…."

Keep it simple, lighthearted, keep it fun. Do not suggest anything that will embarrass the person afterwards. If you suggest anything too gross the person will instantly snap out of it, and not be at all impressed with you.

To end it say:

I am now going to count from three up to one. When I get to one, you will be wide awake, feeling great. Counting now… Three, Two… ONE. Eyes open, wide awake.




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