Move on in life

Move on in Life metaphor

Let go your baggage

Gravel Path Move on with life

Leave behind divorce, relationships, emotional abuse

The Gravel Path script uses metaphor and hypnotherapy to give people a way to move on in life, a new way forward. The hypnotherapy works in two ways. One way forward is to reconnect the person to feelings of being accepted and wanted and loved. Then the metaphor takes you outside to a path where you can move on with your life. You start moving towards your new life but discover old things holding you back. These are symbolically cut off and disappear so that you free to move on in life.

This hypnotherapy lets people get over divorce, relationships ending, emotional abuse and feelings of abandonment.


TargetMoving on metaphor section
I wonder if you can imagine a door.... and think about what that door might look like... whether it would open inwards or outwards... what kind of handle it might have... the colour.... and how easy it would be to open that door... and maybe you can imagine that door opening.... and you go through that door.... you find yourself in a large room...
and in that room there are lots of people... in that room there is everyone you know and like... and everyone who knows you and likes you... and everyone who loves you... and every one that you love is in that room... and there are people there who you meet every day... and there are people there who you haven't seen for a long time... and there are people there who are no longer with us....
and when you go into that room they all turn round and they stop doing what they were doing.... they've been having a sort of party... they have been talking and eating and drinking..... and they stop and they look round and they all smile.... and they begin to applaud .... quietly and politely.... and you can see them clapping and you can hear the sound... you can feel the pleasure... and they are all smiling... and they begin to clap a little louder... and then louder still.... and they begin to come forward.... and some put their arms around you .... and some hug you and kiss you.... and you feel so good... and you feel such a feeling of warmth and acceptance....  that all these people love you for who you are... and this is a place where you can feel completely safe.... totally accepted... supported ... by family and friends and all the other things.... and even just thinking about that place makes you feel good inside.... It’s a place where you can be anything you want to be... and be accepted... just for that... where you can do anything you want to do and you will be accepted and supported... And that's a good thing, isn't it?
And now I would like you to find a way to thank those people and just send out love to them... in any way you can... and make your way to another door... the door to the outside... and you can turn round... and look at those people.... and know that they are there to support you... and you wave and they wave back... and they go back to talking and laughing....
TargetGravel Path metaphor section
And you go out through that door and you find yourself on a gravel path.... and as you walk up the path you can feel the stones under your feet.... you can hear the crunch of the gravel... and there's a breeze blowing along.... off a river, perhaps... and you can smell water... and trees along each side...  and you are walking along ... and as you crunch along on the gravel ...
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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