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Connect to your totem animal, and allow the clan spirit to guide you.

Every thing around us is alive. All living things have a natural spirit. Every natural thing has power. That power can be gathered and used to empower and influence  your own life. This script connects you spiritually to your personal totem animal or spirit guide.

According to shaman lore, everyone has an individual power animal. These totem animals reside within every human being to protect and aid. Every living thing can join with you and share its spirit with you if you can connect with it. Each human has one special totem animal or animated spirit.

Let this script put you in touch with the totems that wait in the shadows, and find the one that relates to you. The script shows how to get in touch with the clan spirit of all who went before you. Do it right and you can use that energy, and the totem animal will remain with you as a guide through life.

Now settle down and just relax...
now I would like you to look at something in the room... something colorful... like the curtains or the carpet... just pick a spot and look at it...Eye fixation
and as you look at it focus on your breathing... become aware of your breathing... become aware of how each breath out can make you feel more relaxed...breathing induction
and as you look at the colors and patterns you find your eyes beginning to tire... and those colors and patterns are beginning to shift and merge... and as you are looking at them your eyes are getting heavy... and your breathing is taking you down and down... and every sound you hear is relaxing you more and more now...Overload induction
and those eyes are closing now... and your breathing is taking you down and down... and the sounds are comforting as you drift away from this place...Pace and lead
and you can just let go now... nothing to think about... nothing to do...
the only thing you have to do is to enjoy that lovely deep deep relaxation...
Totem Animal Metaphor
and as you are relaxing deeper... you can allow your mind to drift away to a distant place... in a different time... long ago... far away...
and as you go deeper into yourself you are going to that inner place... back and back...
and you find yourself by a river... and all around everything is quiet... waiting... expectant... and ahead of you is a bridge... a way to the other side... metaphor
and there is mist drifting across the river... and it rises up and you can't see the other side of the bridge... but you know it is time to cross that bridge...
and as you cross that bridge... mist surrounds you... and you are losing all sense of space and time... and everything is misty... drifting in that mist... lost in a strange place... and you feel as if you are falling... and everything goes dark... and then the mist clears...
and you become aware of where you are... you are in a dimly lit place.... walls all around you... curved walls...
and on the inside of the walls there are shapes and colors and shadows...
and there is a fire flickering... throwing shadows and light on to the surfaces... V
and the shapes seem to be changing and merging....
- - - - - - - -   - - - - - - - - -  
 The rest of this script is available in the Paranormal  Collection  
 - - - - - - - -   - - - - - - - - -
So take a little time now... and relax and feel the spirit presence... become acquainted with your totem animal... really relax now and open your mind to its presence... to its essence...
Reorientation Section
and when you have complete harmony with your totem animal... and you are ready to begin your onward journey together...I
when you have accepted the power of your totem animal for good... with humility and reverence for all living things... I Permission
Capabilityyou can begin to return to conscious awareness... knowing you will never feel alone again.. D
so start to count silently from five up to one... and when you reach one you will be back in the here and now... but bringing with you something special from that spirit place...
so when you are ready... start counting now....



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