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IBS Negotiation HLTH36 

This is an unusual approach to IBS Therapy. This script sets up a deal with your unconscious to keep protecting you, but in a way that does not involve a gut reaction. You can use a formal induction, or allow the wording to lead the client into an indirect induction.

It asks your unconscious mind if it will agree to a deal. A deal to keep you healthy in future, in exchange for a reward. It specifically sets out to align your conscious mind, your unconscious mind, and your gut brain. It allows you break the connection between stress and bowel function.

Extract from the IBS Negotiation Script

After a normal induction …
I have asked you to close your eyes and relax because I want to talk to your unconscious mind.Logic
The problems you are having with your gut behavior, is actually a problem with your unconscious mind.DReframe
You might call your unconscious mind something else, and that's OK too, but I am going to call it your unconscious. The part of you that really controls what you do.Allow for all beliefs
CapabilityI don't know if you feel you have been hypnotized before or not. But what I do know is that whatever you think about hypnosis, your unconscious mind knows about hypnosis all right.DConfusion
CapabilityYour unconscious mind is listening right now, listening right along with you. You may not be are aware of it, but it is aware of you.DAttention
Your unconscious mind is right now, examining… analyzing… evaluating… every word I am saying. That's right.
So whether you go into hypnosis shortly or not, your unconscious mind is paying close attention to this.presuppose
Because your unconscious mind is doing its job.
And that’s a good thing.Reassurance
Because that means we can talk to your unconscious mind.D
CapabilityAnd offer it a deal.D
Evidence of Mind Body Connection
Your subconscious mind has only one job. To keep you safe. It will do anything… absolutely anything… to keep you safe. Even if that harms you.D
If your unconscious mind believes that you need a cigarette to deal with something, then it gives you overwhelming cravings to smoke. It is keeping you safe by being able to deal with it.
If you are terrified of public speaking, your mind will happily make you vomit, choke, faint… anything… to make sure it keeps you away from the danger of having to give a speech.
And sometimes your mind upsets your gut to keep you safe.DReframe
Terms of the Deal
So I want to offer your unconscious a deal. The deal is quite simple. If it agrees to keep listening… to consider everything I say… then it will get rewards. That's it.Anticipation
. . . . . . . .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The rest is in the IBS HEALTH COLLECTION
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