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IBS Ask your unconscious mind

Explore the source of your IBS

Ask your unconscious mind IBS HLTH37 

Parts therapy is a hypnosis technique that allows you to explore what is going on in your own mind. When you contact the part that is causing your IBS, you ask why it is doing it. Then you get it do something else instead.

You put yourself into a light trance, and then ask your mind to communicate with you. You have a visualization of some place where you can meet and interact with the part of you that is causing your IBS. Some people experience it as a being in cave, or an empty hall, or as a series of rooms you go through. In that place, some people experience the different parts of their mind as individuals who appear as if in a dream. Others find that they can get in touch with different parts of themselves directly, although the parts do not reveal themselves completely.

The procedure identifies the rogue part, and then asks that part what it would take for it to change. Then some other part is asked to take charge and instruct other parts. Each part is asked to reveal its purpose. Then each is asked to negotiate with various parts to give you access to the hidden part of your mind where your IBS responses are being generated.

It is a very powerful technique. The results are sometimes surprising, and usually effective.

Extract from IBS Ask your unconscious mind

Self Induction Trance
OK. I want you to understand that you are in control... you are in control at all times... and you can decide exactly how and when you go into trance...Bind
Just settle back and make yourself comfortable.... Let your arms flop and let your hands relax... maybe shrug your shoulders a little... let your head recline and settle down... jiggle your legs if you want... until things are just the way you want them...Bodily relaxation
And now you can take a deep breath... hold that breath... and as you let it go... allow that breath out to close your eyes...Eyes closed
That's good.Reassurance
And now take another breath... and hold it... and this time as you breath out... really relax... just become aware of any tension in your muscles... and allow it to relax... KProgressive relaxation
 MemoryAnd when you are ready... take another breath and hold it... and just think about how relaxed you can be... I wonder when was the time you were most relaxed?... I wonder how relaxed it's possible to be?...Transderivational Search
And you can now let your breathing go back to normal... just focus on your breathing... focus on that gentle movement of air... in ... and out... in... and out...Pace with breathing
That's very good... you're doing very well...Reassurance
and just think about each breath out... feeling more and more relaxed... more at ease... more comfortable... That's right... D
and with each breath out... you can imagine your own voice in your head... or someone speaking... saying "deeper and deeper"... "more and more"... relaxing... VUsing their own 'voice' to deliver the instructions
 Capabilityand you can choose how much you want to let go with every breath... and part of your mind can go into trance and while part of your mind can stay alert... and while that part is as alert as you want it to be it can be deciding how deeply you want that other part to go... and let that other part go...Bind
and all the while... breathing gently... choosing how deeply to go... continue breathing... relaxing... watching as part of your mind is going deeper... as your inner voice leads you... down and down...Supposition
until when you are at right depth for you... allow your mind to choose... one hand or other... and you can be curious as how your mind chooses... one hand instead of the other... as if it is someone else's hand... KDissociation
and you'll know when your mind has chosen... you can allow a finger or a thumb or maybe something else to signal that you have reached a comfortable depth... and allow that finger or thumb to move on its own... just let it happen... when it's ready...KDissociation
[await signal]
Six step reframe - set up the inner place
and as you drift around... allow your mind to think of a place... a place in your mind... where you can gather your thoughts and feelings... a place where you can assemble the parts of you that want to change and need to change... a place in your mind where all the parts of you can come out... where they will be safe and welcomed...V
some people think of a dark cave, some of a large hall, some people imagine a meeting room... allow your mind to find such a place... V Permissive
STEP ONE - Identify the behavior to change
Now think about the behavior you want to change... think about how you feel when you have IBS... think about the part of you that does that behavior... maybe you can visualize it... or feel it... or hear something... V All possible ways
Become aware of that part... take your time and think about the part of you that is doing that behaviour... take a few slow breaths and let the part come out... allow its presence to get stronger... D
. . . . . . . .
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The rest is in the IBS HEALTH COLLECTION
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