Parts Therapy Techniques

Parts Therapy Techniques

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Parts therapy uses the metaphor that our mind is composed of separate and sometimes conflicting parts. Each part represents a different aspect of your personality. People often say "part of me wants to stop, but part of me wants to do it". This idea will be very familiar to smokers and people who need to lose weight.

Parts therapy consists of identifying the various parts of your mind and then getting them to interact with each other. The idea of talking to parts might seem silly in normal life, but in trance your mind will readily accept that there are different parts with different needs. Your mind may in fact prefer to believe that there are 'bad' parts causing your bad behavior.

In some therapies encourage the client to find and name various parts. These are identified as 'The controller' or 'the Planner' or 'the Librarian', 'the Protector', etc.,  and each given a role and a personality. This enables change to be done as a sort of drama with different parts playing out their allocated roles.

Parts Therapy Metaphors

A common metaphor uses parts being called up from an audience on to a stage. Some parts therapy identifies one part as a manager to control of the other parts. Other forms of parts therapy attempt to talk directly to each part and reason with it. Some medical aimed therapies talk directly to each organ in your body as if it was separate living part with knowledge and feelings. There are many variations.

A lot of New Age mystic therapy is actually Parts Therapy. The Universal Consciousness or Higher Power is given a role in your life with the power to make changes.

It is a very flexible and adaptable therapy. The scripts below show several ways to use parts in therapy.



Weight loss parts reframe

This script uses Parts therapy to address the part of mind that makes you want to eat. You negotiate a plan with that part and get all parts of you into balance. Identifying and using parts in your personality allows your mind to think about how to change without waking up old emotions and fears. It also allows the therapist to guide you to find exactly the parts that are causing your anxiety. Then in trance, you find a way to let them go.

NLP Six Step Reframe

NLP techniques include parts work. The six step reframe explores your own mind. You can start a dialogue with the different parts of your mind that determine what you can and can't do. You can find and bargain with the parts that are stopping you succeeding.

Stop Smoking Parts Therapy

This techniques gets your unconscious mind to talk to the parts of you that don't want to smoke, and gets them to crowd out the parts that do.

Meadow parts therapy metaphor

Meet yourself in a garden and release old parts that are no longer needed. A gentle parts metaphor for moving on in life. Let go of old feelings and ideas.



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