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 Self Hypnosis Script

A script to hypnotize yourself

How to hypnotize yourself by yourself

This self hypnosis script teaches you how to put yourself into trance. Self hypnosis is simple and easy to do. By following this self hypnosis script you will be able to hypnotize yourself quickly and reliably. You can use the self hypnosis script to calm anxious thoughts, or as a way of relaxing and chilling out. You can even use it to go to sleep.

The practice of self hypnosis can open up new worlds to you. Many people feel a deep spiritual connection with some higher power when they are in trance. Some people get vivid imagery, some people feel their arms and legs go really heavy, other  people feel light and 'drifty'. Everyone's experience is different.  Everyone can benefit from self hypnosis.

Relax and reduce anxiety with this self hypnosis script

This self hypnosis script takes you step-by-step through how to safely and effectively put yourself into a lovely relaxing hypnotic trance.  Regular hypnosis  practice has been shown to reduce tension, slow the heart, and reduce blood pressure. Everyone can be hypnotized and everyone can go into trance. The more you practice self hypnosis the easier it gets to go into trance.  Eventually, you'll be able to go into trance just by willing it.

This self hypnosiscript shows you how to put yourself into trance, anywhere, anytime. You can use self hypnosis to go to sleep, or you can use it to allow your mind to explore your own consciousness. Putting yourself into trance is very liberating.

You can record the script and play it back to yourself, or you can study the structure of the script, and put yourself into trance by going over the suggestions in your mind. Going over it in your mind generally works better.

Eventually, after some practice, you will be able to slip into a self hypnosis trance just by thinking through the hypnotic suggestions.

Why not try it for yourself, right now?

Self Hypnosis script

TargetThe induction - Relax the body....Technique
Take a deep breath... and let it go...Slow down
Now take another deep breath... and as you breath out... just allow your whole body to relax and go limp.....the breathing
and on the next breath... allow your eyes to close...eye closure
Now become aware of your body.... notice if there is any tension anywhere.... try shrugging your shoulders and letting them drop..... tense your legs and let them relax.... roll your neck and let it relax.... anywhere that is not loose... just tense and relax... until your whole body feels loose and heavy.... and allow that feeling to continue.Physical relaxation
First Deepener - count down
MemoryAnd now I want you to imagine a line.... or a chain or something like that... and I want you to imagine the numbers one to ten are spaced out along that line.... and I want you to make the distance between number two and number three double the distance between one and two... and the distance between three and four is twice the distance of the distance between two and three... and so on.... each number is separated by twice the distance of the previous number....VAlways offer a choice of possible ways to form the line.
CapabilityAnd just imagine going along that line... from one to two.... and two to three... and three to four.... and the distances between each number gets longer and longer....
And as you think about that line.... just imagine that in your mind you are sliding along the line... and as each number passes you get more relaxed... more at ease.... and you can just feel yourself sinking .... down and down... and just keep doing that... and your breathing will get slower... and your pulse will get deeper.....I
And as each number comes along it gives you more time to relax... to let go...
and when you reach ten.... you can just allow yourself to drift down and down some more... deeper and deeper.... more and more relaxed.... down and down...>
allow that feeling to develop... you don't have to think... you don't have to do anything... all you have to do is to enjoy that lovely feeling of deep, deep relaxation....I
and you can forget about everything... just allow your mind to drift away...D
and if any day to day thoughts come into your mind.... that' s OK... you can just stack them off to one side.... and deal with them later.... they're not important.... nothing is important now....D
... and each breath out is taking you deeper and deeper now... more and more relaxed...>breathing deepener
Second Deepener... Visualization
And now allow your mind to think of something you can write letters on... a blackboard or a big blue sky... whatever you want.....options
imagine writing the letter 'A' .... and then just imagine wiping away the letter 'A'...V
and then imagine the letter 'B'... and then just imagine letter 'B' being wiped away... disappearing... in any way that makes sense to you....V
and keep on thinking of the next letter.... and as you wipe away the next letter.... you can feel yourself... loosening... relaxing.... getting more and more comfortable... letting go....>disappearing = relaxing
and as each letter disappears you can become more and more relaxed.... more at ease....>
And you can continue putting the letters there... and fading out... and getting more comfortable...>who is 'fading'?
and you relax more and more.... until it becomes too much trouble to think of the next letter...Damnesia
and then you can just relax completely....I'when' bind
allow your mind to drift away... to a place where there is nothing to think about... nothing to worry you... relaxed and peaceful and calm....VDissociation
Self Convincer
and as you drift deeper and deeper.... become aware that one of your fingers or perhaps a thumb will feel the need to move... and that will be a signal to tell you that you are in trance... your body can just move on its own... without thought... just allow that to happen .... don't assist in any way.... a finger or a thumb will want to move... and that will a signal that you have achieved the state of trance...IGive time - allow for those with a slow sub conscious
It may be just a tiny tremor... and you may be surprised at what you experience....VAccept any signal
and while you are in this state, notice everything about this state... and learn .... so you can recognize this state....Anchor the feeling
a state of unconscious awareness... of being in two minds.... peaceful and relaxed.. and you can stay in this state as long as you like. And in this state many things are possible....>Reassurance
The Visualization
Now... allow your mind to just wander... do not force anything.... do not strive or try or do anything except accept what comes...
an image or a memory or a feeling will form.... just accept it... whatever comes is right... sometimes you will find a muscle moving... it can be anything.. allow it to develop and observe....
[If nothing comes, that's OK. You have learned how to go into trance. That is enough. You should not expect to get something every time. Some days you just don't think of anything but relaxing and drifting. That on its own is very therapeutic.]
[If you get something, just regard it with curiosity. Become aware of what it does. Be an observer. Do not try to make sense of it, do not challenge it. Nothing in your own mind can ever harm you. It may just fade, it may transform into something else. There are no rules. What you experiencing is a metaphoric representation of what is going on in your own subconscious mind. Sometimes you will recognize the metaphor, sometimes not. ]
[If you learn the principles of Clean Language you can begin to interact with the image or symbol or feeling or whatever comes up. Otherwise just treat the whole thing as if it was a dream and allow it to develop in its own way. ]
[The whole dreamy, drifty thing will go on for some time and you may get more than one. Seeing parts of faces is very common. It doesn't mean anything.]
And then, when you are ready... you can begin to return from trance....
The Reorientation
And so before coming back to full awareness.....presupposition
take whatever time you need now... to consider those ideas... those images... to allow your mind to examine things from every aspect... like a jeweller looking into the heart of a diamond...
and the lessons and possibilities... consider them deeply... absorb them deeply... into your very being.... thinking about how best to apply them....bind: best
And when you have had enough time to process and learn from this session.... then it is time to bring this session to a close, a comfortable close...Ibind: time
and you can start coming back to the present.... at whatever rate is right for you.
So take as long as you like to consider these things...
And when you are ready .... you can come back to the present...refreshed and awake and alert... and ready for the rest of your day.

If you don't get a lot to start with, don't worry. Everyone experiences trance differently. You just might have to try several times before your mind with let go fully. Go through this script again later, and you will get further into trance. Eventually you will become aware of going into trance and you will be able to tell how deep you are.




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