accepting being gay

Accepting you are gay

Coming Out Closet Gay

Accept and celebrate who you are

Accepting that you are gay can be hard. There is so much pressure to deny it. So much deception and lying and avoiding. Sometimes weld crafted hypnosis can help to reconcile the competing claims on you. This hypnosis script does nothing more than change your perceptions of what is acceptable to you.


Now you have been feeling discomfort in some part of your body.... and you know that there is a reason for that discomfort...and you don't have to have it all the time...IIndirect suggestion
ResourcesNow that you are relaxing.... you can allow your mind to change things for you... you can use the inner power that is in all of us...Pre-supposition
and I want you to imagine that inner power.... just for a moment allow your eyes to close.. that's right....Vstart the induction
The rest of this script is available in the collection.
and forget all about that pain... just leave it outside of your attention... it is still there.... but somehow you just don't notice it any more...
Capabilityand you have that ability now... the ability to take control.... to choose how you want to feel...I
Ruleit's your right to feel good... always.... and you can get really good at feeling good now....I
and in moment you can count quietly from five up to one.... and when you get to one you will be back in the present... awake and alert and aware that you have forgotten to notice something.... and can keep on forgetting...Reorientation
so counting now....



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