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Male Performance Anxiety & Impotence

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Ending Erectile dysfunction in a young man

This hypnotherapy script shows how to cure male performance anxiety for a young man. The client was a young man who was embarrassed by loss of erection when in an intimate situation with a woman. He was attractive to women, got on well with them, was otherwise healthy but some psychological fear caused him to fail to function every time he was about to perform sex. This condition had built up over time and got worse and worse until he felt almost paralyzed with fear. He was effectively impotent. He finally sought treatment when it got to the stage where just meeting an attractive woman caused the sexual anxiety to appear.

Avoiding sex embarrassment

He was a guitarist in a band and had plenty of opportunities to meet women but at the time of the Erectile dysfunction treatment deliberately avoided getting involved. The initial interview revealed that he originally had no Erectile dysfunction problems but over time he had built up a fear of failure and now was in distress at his own lack of performance. He had created a cycle of Erectile dysfunction behavior in his mind where the fear of failure had learned to feed itself and his Erectile dysfunction grew worse with each repetition.

The script uses the Cycle of Behavior and aims most of the suggestions at the point where the client uses a condom, which had become the trigger for the onset of failure. It also uses direct suggestions for self esteem and confidence, and reframes seeing the condom as a signal of success, instead a precursor to failure. The script uses images and ideas specific to this young man. You can change the wording of the sections to fit the specific case you are dealing with.

The client confirmed a week later that the session had been a complete success with no trace of Erectile dysfunction.



TargetYou are ready to changeComment
You are lying there comfortably,... breathing gently.... listening to my voice.... and as you drift even deeper.... you can allow yourself enough time to think of many ways to succeed.Pacing Permissive bind Presupp succeed RI
You are concerned about something that you have to do in a personal situation. It is natural to be concerned. You are going to have to perform, to act under expectations, to be vulnerable.Validate the client's concerns
And being concerned shows that you are giving it the right amount of attention.>Reframe
CapabilityEverybody worries about their performance. But everybody who is prepared can perform well, can't they?> Truism set. Tag question
RuleAnd the way to be prepared is to think about the best way to change your reaction.>  Presup
There are many ways you can change.Truism
CapabilityThinking about change leads to new behaviour. You can change the way you think about anything .... changing the way you think about something is easy.... isn't changing how you think leads to change in how you act.... so you can change what happens in any situation. You have decided to change how you think about it, and that change in your thinking will allow you to succeed.
And as you lie there... listening to my voice... you are changing, now.DPacing
And you might be wondering just how you will know how you will succeed.IPresup Inevitability
You are a success
IdentityYou know, [ClientName], life is full of stress. And yet you have succeeded in most situations in your life. If you think about it, you know you know how to deal with most situations, don't
CapabilityIn fact you can do many things that other people can't do. Things that other people are envious of. People wish they could do what you can do now. There are so many things.... you have complete confidence....when you choose what you want to do.DResource Link
CapabilityFor example, you can play an instrument, solo, in front of an audience. Many people would find that intimidating, but you do it on a regular basis. You have to perform other people's music in just the right way with just the right tempo in front of a teacher with much more experience than you, in front of your class mates who are just waiting for you to make a mistake. Many people would fade under the pressure. Yet you do that on a regular basis.  You have to compose and improvise, and compare what you write to the legends of jazz .... famous players, and you do it, and do it well, on a regular basis.
BeliefYou might not be consciously aware of it....but you are actually very good in situations where your performance is important.
There was time when you couldn't read music, it can be hard.... and you can be confident of that now. There was a time when you decided to take control of your education... and you did that confidently, didn't you? You know how to take control and thrust in when you want.  There was a time when getting girl friends was the biggest test, and you can do that now. You can introduce yourself when you want.  You play in a band where every member is listening to every note, everyone depends on you to come in at the right time, and you can, now.Metaphor
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