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Wiping Out Abuse

Pedophile Childhood Sex Abuse

 Ending feelings from sexual abuse

This hypnotherapy script uses a metaphor for change, for altering the past. You cannot change what happened but you can change how it affects you now. This metaphor therapy can be used on its own or be included in a hypnotherapy treatment for any kind of abuse - physical, emotional, sexual abuse.

It gives the person perspective on their life, to look back and see that abuse as something that is over, that left a mark, but that can be fixed. It allows the client to visualize their life as if it was stretched out as a tape measure. Then client looks at the parts of it that are dirty and gives themselves permission to clean the dirt off. It makes sure that the changes are permanent by rolling and unrolling the tape until it is all clean.

It can be used for any past emotional issues such as physical and sexual abuse.

Measuring tape metaphor sexual abuse script

Target  Comment
MemoryI wonder if you have ever been involved in redecorating a room? Maybe hanging wallpaper or measuring out carpet or curtains or something like that? Dissociation
RuleIt's always important to look at the whole picture, isn't it? Truism & Tag
MemoryAnd usually when people are measuring a room they use one of those expanding tape measures... you know the kind... there is a metal tape and you pull it out from a sort of metal box... and all the tape is wound up inside the box, and when you let the tape go it all sort of rattles back inside... Dissociation
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 And then you can know that nothing in the past can dirty that tape at it comes out,> 
Capabilityand you won't let anything dirty that new tape... and as each day unrolls the tape for that day is fresh and new....D 





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