falling shadows induction


Dream going into sleep induction


Description: The falling shadows first induction is followed by a metaphor of going to sleep that acts as a gentle relaxing deepener.

Principle: The deepener works by invoking images of little animals snuggling down and this connects to childhood memories of feeling relaxed and sleepy when you feel warm and safe.

Advantages: Nice and soft slow relaxation that you can pace with the client's breathing.

Disadvantages: Make sure your client is comfortable with ideas of darkness and countryside, and has no negative memories to do with bedtime.

Uses: Just a nice change from the standard deepener for people who say they like going to the country to relax.

Extensions: You can move the action anywhere that has a special meaning for the client, vary it to a desert scene, etc.


 Now imagine somewhere in the countryside... it's getting near dusk... the sun going down behind some clouds... and all around in the gathering darkness... are trees and fields and streams... and little cottages... warm golden light from the windows...VDissociation
 and inside the cottage... a open fire warms the room... and there is a comfortable seat... with soft cushions...  
 and imagine what it would be like to relax in that seat... as the fire crackles quietly... and outside the sun slips away and darkness falls softly like a leaf flutters down from a tree...Mdeepening darkness = trance
 and as you relax there... imagine the darkness gathering outside... flowers closing... insects folding their wings... birds settling down in their nests... everything settling down for the night...Mclosing down
 and you can snuggle down too... breathing gently... relaxing more and more... and as the darkness outside gets deeper and deeper... you are relaxing more and more...>darkness = trance
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