hand levitation induction

Hand levitation hypnosis induction

A Milton Erickson Hypnosis Technique

Hand levitation hypnosis induction

The Ericksonian Hand Levitation Induction is said to have been developed by the hypnotist Milton Erickson.

The Erickson hand levitation induction, or the arm raise induction, is a pace and lead induction. A levitation induction works because when you extend your hand, it will naturally rise and fall slightly. The hypnotist reinforces every upward movement by mentioning it positively, then suggests that the movements will continue, and the hand will continue rising. A levitation induction links the upward movements to becoming hypnotized... as the hand goes higher the hypnosis gets deeper.

There are variants to the Erickson Levitation hypnotic induction. The hypnotist can choose to let the hand fall, or suggest it continues to rise until the hand touches the face, or even leave the levitated arm suspended in the air.


The Setup
Just settle yourself comfortably in that chair.... and when you are comfortable... I would like you to lay your arms along the arms of the chair...ISeeding comfort, relaxation
and then choose one arm.... and just raise it up slightly so that you hand is hovering about an inch above the chair arm.... that's right... raise the whole arm so that your elbow is also about an inch off the chair....set the arm so that it is floating above the chair arm
The Induction
now just look at your hand... focus on that hand..... notice that the hand is moving very slightly.... very slightly upward.... that's right it's moving upwards...IDissociation
and with each movement you feel it getting lighter and lighter... moving up all the time.... gently moving.... rising...DPacing experience
that's right... and it's getting lighter and lighter.... and maybe now you are becoming aware that your arm is bending at the elbow.... as that hand lifts and rises.... more and more...DPacing and leading
[continue pacing and leading,
noting and encouraging every movement
it is as if something is lifting that hand.... lifting and moving...Pacing experience
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