Personalized Induction

Personalized Induction Example

Create a unique personal hypnosis induction

A Personalized induction for every client

Personalized induction example script. A tailored induction is a type of hypnosis induction script that allows the person to choose what hypnotic images they prefer. The Personalized Induction method will work for first time clients, but it is better to use it where the person already has some experience of going into trance.

This Personalized Induction example shows how the hypnotist asks the client what images or visualization works for them as part of the therapy, and builds the hypnosis induction around that.

In this case the client asked for something in the countryside near a waterfall, so those elements were woven into the induction. You can use the same hypnosis induction technique for anything that your client likes.

Unique personalized Induction

Personalized Induction Example

Personalized hypnotic Induction
Are you comfortable? So settle back now, think about how quickly you can go into trance... and close your
Bind = how quickly?
Take a deep breath... and relax...
And how would you like to go into hypnosis? What would be a nice way of leading you in?Find favourite way into trance
Client: I quite like going to a place you really like. And being safe... and secure... and.... a nice little beach or... a park... or in the bush...
And when you are there in that place... what kind of movement or change around you would be nice for you link to suggestions of going down into trance?
Client: Maybe just in a little place.... like by a waterfall... somewhere private... some place with the sun coming through.. and just the water...
How about the sun going down and getting darker and darker?false start
Client: No, I like the sun... just watching the water eddying down would be good...
All right... now take another deep breath... and one more deep breath... that's right ...Relax the body
just shrug your shoulders down... rub the whole of your face.... get rid of all the tension in your face... rub your forehead and your eyes and your cheeks...Rub out all the tension in a distressed client
now, hands flat on your thighs... and as you are lying there... breathing gently, relaxing... hearing the sound of my voice...pacing and leading
you can imagine, perhaps... being in some place somewhere... somewhere you like to go and relax... and this can be a real place or somewhere you might want to imagine... it can be on a beach or in the country... it could be in a garden... it could be anywhere you like...Vrepeat the client's likes back to them. give all possible options
outdoors... perhaps by a waterfall...preferred place
the sort of place where you feel safe and secure... someplace where the sun is shining and you can relax...repeat client specifications
Memoryand just imagine how it would be... to be in that placelink to memories
and you can imagine lying on the grass perhaps... on a comfortable seat of some sort... perhaps on grassy bank... listening to the sound of a waterfall... as the water splashes down...Kstart leading the client
and allow yourself to think of how lovely it would be ... just be in that place... nothing to think about... nothing to do... no cares at all...Klink to the feeling
imagine lying relaxing... just become aware of all the muscles relaxing... your shoulders relaxing... all the muscles in your upper arms relaxing... your forearms relaxing and your hands relaxing... imagine the feel of the support under your back... as your chest relaxes... and you tummy relaxes... your hips are relaxing and the weight of your legs and arms...Ibrief progressive muscle relaxation
and imagine the feel of the sun on your face... warm and comfortable... and feeling so safe and secure... like a place where you could just snuggle up and be quiet... calmKKinesthetic feelings of safety
And allow your mind to drift across to where that water is flowing nearby... and imagine that water as a series of pools... and the water gently flowing from one pool to the next... as the water goes down and down...I
-- --
-- REST OF THE SCRIPT is in the collection --
-- --
and as that water flows away... you can allow your mind to flow away... drift off somewhere... nothing matters...DTrance achieved
[Now do a depth test or continue with the therapy part]



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