lazy numbers induction

Lazy Numbers Induction

Fading Number Induction Visualization Trance

Lazy numbers induction

The Lazy Numbers induction script is a fun variation on the normal Disappearing Numbers Hypnotic Induction. The standard Wipe-out-the-numbers induction tells the client to make the numbers disappear but does not give any instructions as to how they should do that. This induction treats the numbers as animated things that can get tired and relax and fall asleep. This puts the idea of relaxing into the client's mind and encourages them to go into trance.

It is a fun way of playing around with the standard Blackboard induction method. This script shows that there is no limit to the number of different ways you can put someone into trance.


 Lazy Numbers hypnotic Induction script  
 So settle back now, get comfortable... and close your eyes....  
Relax the bodyNow take a deep breath, and hold it... and ... just let it all go... ahhhh... That's good... Start releasing tension
 When you are ready... take another deep breath..... and as you do... lift your shoulders up... and as you breath out... let them slump down and relax. Let go muscle tension
 And I wonder if you would relax more.... Bind
Visualisationby thinking about lying on a beach somewhere... or maybe remembering relaxing in a garden, some green place... or somewhere else that you really can relax in...VDissociation
 and while you relax deeper and deeper... Bind
 Think about a big blue sky... the sky on a lovely day... just the sort of day you like...VDissociation
 and imagine now in that sky... a cloud... and when you look at a cloud... it sometimes seems to be a shape... that reminds you of something...MDissociation
TENand just imagine that this cloud changes into the number ten... and it can be a one and zero... or it could be ten little clouds or some other way that that cloud reminds you of the number ten... and then as you breathe out... just watch as that number dissolves... disappears like steam.... and as it disappears you can feel all the tension in you disappear... getting more and more relaxed....V 
NINEand the number nine appears... a fluffy... soft... cloudy... number nine... and then on the next breath out allow that number nine to gently fall over... as if it is too tired to stay up right any more.... and as it lies there it sags and flattens out and you can feel yourself relaxing more now too... lazy and letting go...M 
 The rest of this script is in the Induction Scripts Collection....  
 just relaxing... no ONE idea or TWO much to care... and drifting away like soft cotton balls.. the whole body one long relaxed breath going deeper and deeper and deeper, more relaxed....D 




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