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Picky Eater Script. A picky eater is created when a child has been encouraged and indulged at the table to the point where the child has been trained into being afraid to eat some things. The picky eater tells everyone that they don't like the flavor or the texture or something else about it, but it is just a simple phobia by association. The fussy eater's basic problem is usually their mother. The mother's behavior is what is maintaining the child's eating behavior. So the first step is to treat the mother for whatever is causing her anxiety around the child.

It is not hard to get a child to eat properly, it is what they are supposed to do naturally. With older children treat the phobia as a phobia and the problem will go away. For younger children, if the picky eater avoids some foods just don't let them see that food. Get the mother to liquidize whatever vegetables the family are eating and make it into a soup.

Your job is to tell the picky eater that it is super special soup with magic ingredients. We are dealing with a child after all. The child will believe anything in hypnosis. Make it into an adventure story. Tell the picky eater that eating the soup will gradually let them eat more things until he becomes famous as the 'boy who could eat anything' and gets magical powers.


Child Induction
I wonder if we can play a game of let's pretend? Would that be OK - to play a game of let's pretend, you and me? get permission
 memoryOK then. Let's pretend that you are in your room... at home... and it's very quiet... dissociation
and you are lying on your bed and you let your arms fall down so they feel really heavy... and you let your legs lie flat real heavy...
pretend now that your arms and legs are like they would be if you are lying on your bed feeling really tired...
and pretend it feels like something is pressing you down into a lovely soft mattress... and that makes you feel so tired you just can't move on that bed....
and start to pretend that you have to close your eyes... pretend that those eyes are really tired and heavy... and your eyes are stuck closed.... just pretend...
Memoryand while you are thinking about how it would feel... to not be able to open your eyes...
Substitute behavior
And I wonder if you heard about a boy who lives not far from here... that boy has special powers... he is really strong and smart... and everybody likes him...Set up expectation
Well it seems that that boy used to be little and was always crying and got sick a lot... he was never able to go out and play when he wanted and other boys said things to make him feel bad...set up a bad image
and one day he was sitting out side wondering why he was not doing so well and he went for a walk ... and he came to this place where there a lady sitting on rug on the grass... and she was cooking right there on a fire of sticks...Introduce a new resource
with an old black pot all coved with soot... and she had a cat sitting there looking at him...
and the cat said... 'Hey you boy... you can't come here... this is our place'.Adversity
and the Lady said 'Leave him alone... Balthaszar' because that was the name of the cat...
and the Lady said ... 'You look like you need something to eat... boys are hungry all time, aren't they' and she began to stir something in the pot.Set up the problem
and the boy said 'No thank you... I can only eat a few things... there's a lot of things I can't eat... so better not..'Problem defined
and Balthaszar the cat looked at him and said 'I thought so... '.Negative feeings
But the Lady said... 'Hush Balthaszar... let the boy come to the fire'.
And the boy went and sat down by the Lady and the cat and the fire.
And the boy was sitting by the fire and he felt warm and the cat came and rubbed against his leg... and he began to feel really really tired... and the next thing was he fell asleep by the fire... and the pot was bubbling away... and the Lady was kind... and the cat was purring....
and maybe he imagined it or maybe it was real... but the Lady got a cup with special designs on it... and she filled it with soup from the pot...
and she gave the cup to the boy and she said 'Here drink this' and he just reached out and drank it right down...Magic ingredient
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The rest of the Picky Eater Script is in the collection
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