Hair Pulling

Hair Pulling Hypnosis Script

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Hair Pulling Hypnosis Script

Hair Pulling is a public embarrassment for many people. For more serious cases, it is a secret vice. It is an unconscious and automatic response to stress. Many hair pullers are ashamed of their habit but don't know how to stop.

This script is aimed at preventing the behaviour of hair pulling. Each section of this script deals with a different psychological aspect of Hair Pulling. Part of it is aimed at improving the puller’s self-beliefs.  It uses indirect quotations to increase self-esteem.  Part of it uses visualization to help the puller accept a different outcome. And part of it addresses the behaviour of hair pulling. It does this by interrupting the automatic response to a stress trigger. This brings the actions just before the hair pulling into sharp awareness, and a post hypnotic suggestion takes over.


BehaviourAnd you have come here today and you are sitting in that seat breathing quietly... because you have a problem... a habit... for such a long time…Validate problem, pacing
but you have come here today because you have decided that that problem is over. That you are never going to have a problem with pulling your hair again...D
you are never going to pull your hair againD
And this will become another one of your successes.I
memoryAnd you will be able to look back on this day ... and remember this as one of your most unexpected successes.DTime distortion
- - - - - - - - - - -
The Hair Pulling script is in the HEALING COLLECTION
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CapabilityAnd then another time... you catch sight in a mirror in a restaurant or something like that…see yourself combing or brushing your hair... and you run your fingers through it... easily ... smoothly... and how good does that make you feel? this demonstrates your control... your ability... your competence...>Visualization
memoryThat mirror is showing that you have made a decision today... that will last forever... it will last so long that there will come a time when you have forgotten all about that old habit... hair pulling will just be a vague memory...=amnesia
CapabilityNow think about success, and what being free of pulling means to you… to how you feel… how you look... and focus your attention on your hands... become aware of those hands…DSensory distortion
And become aware of a need, a desire, a compulsion… to move a finger or a thumb... and it might start as a tiny tremor… just let it happen…
you will feel an urge, a need, to move a finger or a thumb, or maybe the whole hand will move… just let it happen…Depth test
[await movement]
That's fine. That's very good. That tells you that your mind has finished with hair pulling forever.>Bind
CapabilityThat that habit is now in the past ... that's your guarantee. You own unconscious mind has listened and agreed to overcome this... You will never pull your hair again.D
CapabilitySo in a moment... I am going to count up from five to one, ... And when we get to one you will be back to the present... feeling really good... and knowing that something deep inside has changed...
RuleNothing can stand up to the power of that mind... you know that now.>
So counting now...
FIVE are beginning to get a little feeling back into your hands and feet...
THREE you can move your shoulders... begin to feel a little looser... taking deep breaths... eyelids fluttering...
TWO getting ready for a big stretch... and a smile, coming back to the present... eyelids fluttering... becoming aware of where you are...
Welcome back.



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