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Fertility Hypnosis Script

Hypnosis Fertility and Pregnancy

Fertility Hypnosis Script

Women often need to convince their own mind that they are ready and able to conceive. The Fertility Hypnosis Script uses a Parts negotiation technique to prepare her mind to overcome barriers to conception. It is used in situations where 'part of me desperately wants to get pregnant, but part of me might not be quite sure about it'.

The Script helps collect her unconscious thoughts and feelings together so that she can harmonize parts that are in conflict.

The Fertility hypnosis technique uses Parts Therapy, a technique where one part takes charge and asks other parts to change their nature in order to get the desired outcome. The part in charge asks the part that is causing the problem to reveal its purpose, and negotiates with all the other parts to keep the good outcome and align them to achieve it.

If you are trying to get pregnant then you need to have every part of you aligned - mind, body and spirit. That is what the Fertility Hypnosis script gives you.

Excerpt from Fertility Hypnosis Script

Breathing Induction
Just settle back and make yourself comfortable..... Let your arms flop and let your hands relax.... maybe shrug your shoulders a little.... let your head recline and settle down.... jiggle your legs if you want.... until things are just the way you want them...KBodily relaxation
Get yourself really comfortable and ready to relax deeply
And now take a deep breath.... hold that breath .... and as you let it go.... allow your eyes to close....Eyes closed
CapabilityOK. I know you understand that you are in control.... you are in control at all times...Bind
Capabilityyou are in control of your mind... and you are in control of your body
so you can decide exactly how and when you go into trance....>Bind
That's good.Reassurance
And now take another deep breath... and hold it... and this time as you breathe out... really relax...  and as you relax become more aware of any tension in your muscles... and allow that to release...KProgressive relaxation
and relax...
MemoryAnd when you are ready... take another breath and hold it.... and just think about how relaxed you can be.... I wonder when was the time you were most relaxed?... and you might wonder how relaxed it's possible to be?...Trans-derivational Search
And you can now let your breathing go back to normal... just focus on your breathing.... focus on that gentle movement of air... in .... and out..... in.... and out...KPace with breathing
That's very good.... you're doing very well...Reassurance
and just think about each breath out... feeling more and more relaxed... more at ease... more comfortable.... That's right....KPacing
and with each breath out.... you can imagine your own voice in your head... or someone speaking... saying "deeper and deeper"... "more and more relaxed"...AUsing their own 'voice' to deliver the instructions.
and you can choose how much you want to let go with every breath...=Bind
Capabilityand part of your mind can go into trance ... while another part of your mind can stay alert....Dissociation
and while that part is as alert as you want it to be it can be deciding how deeply you want that other part to go.... and let that other part go... as deeply alert as it needs to be to be as deep as the other part needs to be alert to how deeply the alert parts want to allow the other part to deeply go into trance now...Confusion induction
and relaxing all the while.... breathing gently... choosing how deeply to go... continue breathing.... relaxing... watching as part of your mind is going deeper... as your inner voice leads you... down and down....>Supposition
until when you are at right depth for you... allow your mind to choose.... one hand or other.... and you can be curious as how your mind chooses... one hand instead of the other... as if it is someone else's hand....
and you'll know when your mind has chosen... you can allow a finger or a thumb or maybe something else to signal that you have reached a comfortable depth... and allow that finger or thumb to move on its own... just let it happen....KDissociation
- - - - - - - -   - - - - - - - - -
[The Fertility Hypnosis script  is available in the Healing Scripts Collection ]
and when all the parts are in agreement... you can ask the original part... the part that was creating the problem... if it is satisfied... if it can now change to the new way... and still care for you in that old way...
and ask it to signal to you...
and when it has signaled to you... you can send a message of gratitude to it... thanking it for looking after you for so long... and it can continue its job of looking after you now... in a different way....
And knowing that every part is working smoothly together... from your body to your mind... and your mind to your body... mind and body in perfect harmony...
and those parts are changed forever... working happily... and that's something else to be glad about...
as you begin to return to the present...
[Begin the reorientation]

Fertility Hypnosis



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