Dare question

The Dare Question

How do you find out what you really want?

The Dare Question challenges you

What do you really want from life? Most people have never really thought about what they want, what they might be capable of. Most people just drift through life getting by from day to day. They are so completely focused on getting through the day, that they don't think about the bigger picture. Most people spend more time thinking about what to have for dinner, than they do about what they want from life.  That's a big mistake.

The Dare Question

Suppose somebody said you could have anything you wanted in the world, anything at all, how would you know what to choose?

The Dare Question may have an answer for you. Ask yourself :

"What would I do if I knew I could not fail?"

and note what your answer is.

Think about what would happen if you actually succeeded at what your answer was. Most people doing this exercise find that they start off with some conventional answer almost automatically. But when they have had some time to actually absorb the idea of being unable to fail,  they come up with an entirely different answer. Your answer will tell you what you personally are ready to achieve.

And it may surprise you.


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