Recording License

License to record a script commercially

Agreement to record for sale

Dave Mason

General  Outline

By purchasing the License you get the right to record one particular script with certain conditions:

You get a non-exclusive right to record the script (plus any amendments you want to add) and to sell the recording anywhere in the world.

This right is for the English language version only.

The recording right applies only to recordings made by you personally as artist and is not transferable.

The agreement only covers spoken word recordings in audio and/or video.

You can sell your recordings through any channel in any format.

You can give them away to your personal clients, on condition that they restrict the recording to their personal use.

You can not give away your recording for free without a copyright restriction on it.   You cannot make your recording freely downloadable to the general public from Youtube or similar. This would be the same as giving everybody the right to re-publish the content without limit.

You do not have the right to sell the scripts or any part of it in printed or electronic text form.

The right to make any new recording of the script expires after three years. You of course have the right to sell your original recording for as long as you want.

There are ongoing royalties of 8% of the gross income after sales taxes. To be paid annually based on audited tax returns.

Single Script License

For any one script: €338  plus 8% royalties.


Ten Scripts License

The cost of a license to record any ten scripts is €3000 + 8% royalties.



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