Make Money Hypnosis

Make Money Hypnosis

Making Money Hypnosis

Make Money Hypnosis

The Make Money Hypnosis script helps you make money and keep it. Many people feel that there is something blocking them from having wealth. They hold back from taking opportunities to make money. They suffer a cycle of making money and then losing it, almost as if something is making you sabotage yourself. You can stop that behavior with this Make Money Hypnosis Script.

Growing up, some people are told 'money is the root of all evil', 'blessed are the poor', and that it is impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. In fact, it is "Love of money", not "money" itself. Many people unconsciously act on this belief and no matter how successful they are they always lose it. Every time they reach a comfortable level they begin sabotaging themselves.

The truth is, you can only give to charity if you already have money to give. You can do more good works when you are a wealthy individual. If everyone was poor, who would help the poor then? Make Money Hypnosis can be the first step on the road to wealth for you.

This script uses sophisticated hypnotic techniques to help you eliminate these unhelpful beliefs and install the freedom to have all the money you deserve. The Make Money hypnosis script is in the form of a multiple embedded metaphor. Three problems are described that cause false beliefs about wealth and making money. These are then reversed and resolved, clearing these false beliefs from your mind.


Hypnotic Induction
[Use your usual induction]
First Embedded metaphor
[1. Poor boy growing up. Developed fear of not having money]
There once was a boy who lived not far from here. His family were poor even though many people around them were quite well off.
The boy saw this and wondered why his family had to be poor... why other kids had the latest games at school... why they were always better dressed...
and the other kids called the boy names... and made him miserable because his family were poor... he was unhappy... and sad for his mother and father... because he wanted them to be rich and happy...
and he thought 'if only I could have money, everything would be all right'.
Second Embedded metaphor
[2. Poor boy is told that having money is evil]
And he went and told his mother that when he grew up he was going to make lots of money, because he hated being poor, and he hated seeing his parents shamed in public by having no money... and he was going to buy them a car and a big house and servants and clothes and everything they ever wanted...
But his mother told him that money is the root of all evil. That becoming rich meant that he would lose his way in life, and that would make his mother sad.
He went to his father and told him how he wanted to have lots of money so they wouldn't be poor any more... and his father told him... A rich man can never enter the kingdom of heaven... and the boy should accept things as they are...
and even though he hated being poor... and really wanted to make something of himself... everywhere the boy went he was told... money won't make you happy... money is not the answer... blessed are the poor... if you make money it will just get taken off you.... money causes more problems... better to stay as you are... live like your parents...
Third Embedded metaphor
[3. Poor boy makes money but always loses it]
But as he was growing up... the boy saw wealth all around him... he saw people in new cars... going in to fancy shops... and he saw those people looking down on his family... and he knew it was wrong... he knew that money was everywhere.. he could see opportunities everywhere...
and most of all he hated being poor... and saw no reason for staying poor...
So he learned to buy and sell... to do things that people wanted... he learned to find ideas other people had missed... to go through every door and seek out what was there...
and he began to make some money... and as he did he learned... and he learned how to get more money... and he learned what it was like to be able to go into any shop... to have a good car... move among rich friends...
and yet... something in him was not right... somehow every time he got money... he just couldn't hold on to it... it was almost as if there was something inside him that caused the wealth to drain away... to put in bad decisions... to trust people he knew would disappoint him... to buy pointless things he didn't even like...
and every time he found he was making money the cycle started again... and soon he was somehow back where he started... struggling for money... back to being poor...
And he wondered if he was condemned to repeat this forever... if he would never escape... and he knew that he could make money... be successful... but he also knew that something always forced him to come back to how it was...
It is as if there was a block to making and keeping money.
and he could see no way out...
Reverse Third Embedded metaphor
[-3. Poor boy makes money but always loses it]
And then one day a guru appeared in the town. A wise and holy man who had come from far away.
The guru said. I have heard about your story, and I have come to help you.New Resource
You did not get this way on your own. Someone a long time ago put these ideas into your head.
They did this with the best of intentions. They wanted to help you. But those ideas have stopped the growth of your natural talent.
You are entitled to be wealthy. You have a right to be rich. You deserve to have money.D
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The full Script is in the Clinical Scripts Collection
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Make Money Hypnosis



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