worry garden metaphor

Worry Garden Metaphor

Plant your worries in the garden and leave them there

Worry Garden Metaphor Stress Relief

The Worry Garden metaphor  is an extended metaphor for removing stress, similar to the Worry Tree.

It encourages you to plant your worries in the garden and leave them there to grow into something else.

The metaphor works to relieve stress by getting you to transform your worries into metaphoric objects. Doing that gives you a strong  visualization of how you have changed them. Once your mind accepts that they can be changed, even a little, your own healing ability starts. The process will continue until the underlying reason for the stress is eliminated. The metaphor then continues by encouraging the transformation of the old worries into something new and fresh.


 Induction Section  
 [use your normal induction]  
Memoryand as you are lying there... relaxed... relaxing even more... your mind begins to wander ... to think of a summer day... a place outdoors... a place with trees and fields and water gently flowing... warm air...Vdissociation induction
 a tranquil place where you have nothing to do... nothing to think about...  
 and yet... there always seems to be something that stops you relaxing... isn't there? Worries and concerns... and sometimes it seems like they never go away... Empathize
 and you know, there are times when you would just like to forget about then... and when you think about it... why not do that?... seeding
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