Future Progression

Future progression

Future progression: your future tells you what to do.

Looking back from the future

This script uses Future progression. It helped a woman who felt she had no future. All she could think of as success was 'a house and a car'. She felt she was stuck because of her past, her 'loser' friends and bad family history. The script uses a metaphor of seeing the future from a hill top to get unstuck and changing her life.

The script shows how to use Future progression to change your life. Future Progression is a hypnosis technique where the client imagines looking back to the present from their own future. The hypnotist shows the client what their life will be like at some point in the future, a future in which they have achieved everything they want.

The client is then asked to 'enter into' that future self, to get into the mind of that future self and to learn what that future self did in order to make it all happen. By visualizing the future and thinking about how it was achieved, the client becomes open to change in her life.

With future progression, you can create your own future.



MemoryAnd on days like that people can go for walks... sometimes people walk for a lot further than they expect to.... sometimes people can get lost... it's as if they are in a fog or a mist... and summer mists can come up suddenly...Metaphor
Ruleand people think they must go back... and yet it is just as easy to go forward as to go back... when you are in a mist... and sometimes if you are walking in a mist... you can wander into different places... somewhere you have never been before... and as you walk through that mist... it is possible... that the mist will clear... and you find yourself under that incredibly brilliant sky... just the right shade... and below there are groves of trees... in all colours of green... and as you take a few more steps... you realise you on the top of a hill.... a gentle sloping hill with grass rolling gently down on all sides of you.... and each blade of grass is a different shade of green... and the mist is behind you.... and ahead... you can see further... much further than you have ever seen before....
BehaviorAnd things can look very different... when you leave the fog.... that mist hides so many things... things from the past... and if they are hidden in the past... then... you may as well forget about them..... there's no point in thinking about things that are past....Suggestion for letting go
and so you can look forward.... and maybe there's a sunny rock to lean against... and you feel the warmth coming out of that rock... and that can make you feel good... about a lot of things... about how far you can see ahead... and maybe from that vantage point... you can see things you have not seen before.... if you look really closely... really carefully.... you can see where you are going... because where you have been is just mist.... not important... it doesn't matter how you got to this position now... You've got a warm rock to lean on... and a clear view...Rock = resource
And the thing about finding yourself on a hill top... is that from the top of that hill.... every way is down.... every direction is equally easy... and it is just as easy to go ahead as it is in any other direction... and if you start to walk... down from that hilltop.... something else magical happens.... going over the hilltop means you can no longer see what was behind the hill... if you take just a few steps forward... all the stuff on the other side disappears...Suggestion for letting go
And if you just take few steps forward... you can see clearly now.... everything in front of you is fresh and bright.... and you can walk down that hill... and from the front of that hill you can see... maybe a river ... a town... a house.... a car... and you can look out to a particular house... and maybe it's on the edge of a town or a city... or maybe it's in the centre... or by the sea.... and this particular house... is the house you always wanted... and there's a car in the driveway... and there are toys scattered around... and there's a mail box with a newspaper... and the grass is neatly trimmed.... and it looks like maybe there's a gardener... someone who does the gardening... and it almost seems as if the sun shines on this particular house... more than the others... and everywhere there are these wonderful shades of green... and you look at that house.... in wonder... because that’s your house Rebecca... and you can see it from that hill and I don't know if it is one year away or two years or three year or some other but you know...Visualisation of a successful future
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[The rest of this script is available in the Clinical Scripts Collection ]
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