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How to deal with workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a major problem. It causes stress and burnout. It turns an enjoyable job into a daily nightmare. Bullied people often feel that there is no way out, except leaving the job. So the bully wins.

Very often, the people responsible for the workplace bullying are in a position of power and cannot be easily avoided. But you don’t have to let them win. The bully feels worthless inside, and the only way they can feel better is to make someone else feel worse.

You only get bullied if you take it. The trouble is, something stops you from giving it back. Victims put up with workplace bullying because they feel powerless to respond. And the feeling of powerless comes from your childhood. The bully just finds and plays on that old fear.

Bullies are actually weak and frightened. And once you see that, it changes how you think about what they say and do. And allows you to deal with it. Their actions no longer trigger those old feelings in you, so you can deal with workplace bullying for what it is, an unhappy child acting out.

This hypnosis script will let you see the bully for what they really are. And once you see it, you cannot un-see it.

The metaphor section is designed for someone who was mistreated by their mother. For other clients, keep the structure, but change the details to match the origins of their learned helplessness.


[After Induction]
memorBut you may be aware that your mind is working at a very deep level. And the mind in there… Its job is to protect you… To keep you safe… Against everything.Seeding change
That mind has been there… Every day… Every night… as long as you been alive. All the way back. That mind is protecting you now.
It is trying to protect you against unfair accusations. It is trying to protect against bitter words and looks and voice. It is trying to protect you from feeling rejected and hurt…
That mind is telling you to put up with what other people do, not talk back, stay quiet, because you are not allowed to hit back… to say what you feel.
And that makes you feel worse, because you know it isn’t true… part of you knows you should answer back… but somehow you can’t.
And you feel ashamed of your weakness. Which makes you feel weaker.
And now ask yourself “Where did this feeling come from? Where did it start?”
Think about your childhood. Think about the house you grew up in.
Imagine you are standing outside the front door of that house. Afraid to go in. Afraid of what is going to happen. But you have to go in.
There is a feeling you get. A feeling you remember well.
Now focus on that feeling. Feel the feeling as you stand outside that door.
Then go through that door. Into what is waiting for you. Allow yourself to be back in that time. And you will find a memory of the first time you felt that way.
And you will find a memory… of your mother… or your father… or some other person…
And you… feeling helpless, picked on, rejected, humiliated… hurt… want to get away, and not able to…
And someone hurting… shaming… crushing you… someone who shouldn’t… and you can’t stop them…
Personal Capability Section
Now imagine that you can see yourself, that little child being abused, shouted at, hurt… and that grown-up being mean… hurtful… unfair… doing those things…
Think about how it would be… if you could see your bully going through her routine, doing what she does, throwing out hurts like knives, lashing out at everyone, doing what she does…
It doesn’t matter who else is there… Those knives get thrown at everyone… It’s not about you.
Not you in particular. You just happen to be there… In a weak position.
And really… If those things are not aimed at you… Why can’t you just deflect them?
From now on… watch what is going on with a sense of detachment.
And just see the bully for what she is, an unhappy damaged person.
Connect to the old feelings
Just throwing off all these words and feelings and accusations… Randomly… In all directions… to see who it cuts… who it hurts… to see who responds to them…
All the other stuff she does… Remember the beatings… Shouting… The screaming… Throwing you around
It wasn’t about you. It’s just what she had to do, to somebody. It’s not really about you. It never was.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[The rest of this script is available in the Clinical Scripts Collection ]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You can deal with anything at work, see their behavior for what it is… it used to remind you of that old powerless feeling… but now it reminds you of a fly in a bottle…




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