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Relationship problems hypnosis

Relationships: Release, Renew, Revitalize

Relationship Problems Hypnosis Script

This script releases old tensions formed around relationships. Many people have relationship problems of various kinds. They hold mixed and conflicted feelings about family: parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and ex-partners.  Ongoing relationship problems often leave you feeling rejected, not good enough, and constantly worried about what other people think about you.


This script puts the person into trance and then gently suggests that they can allow their inner mind to find and release the tension they are holding around relationships. Then it reaffirms that they are good, worthwhile and special.

Extract from Relationship Problems Hypnosis Script

Breathing Induction
Just lie back, eyes open, hands on top of your thighs, feet flat on the floor. Settle yourself comfortably.
Now I want you to lift your toes up, lift your hands up, roll your eyes up as if you are looking through the top your own head.
Take a deep breath. And let it go… Haaa. Another deep breath… Haaaa.
One more breath and as you breathe out, allow those eyes to close.
One more breath and as you breathe out… allow those feet to go to rest.
One more breath and as you breathe out… allow those hands to flop down… and just let it go.
One more breath, shrug your shoulders and really relax.
One more breath for luck and…. relax everything.
That’s good.
Now let your breathing go back to normal. Just focus on your breathing. Focus on the gentle in and out of your breath. Feel the gentle breath in and the soft relaxing breath out.
And as you breathe out, just feel yourself… letting go.
And you can choose how much you want to relax. With each breath out, you can allow yourself to relax a bit more. You are in control. You can relax a little. Or you can go all the way down. But with each gentle breath out… just feel yourself letting go more.
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And as you relax deeper now into that place… you have everything you need… everything you want… part of your mind can drift away… while another part of your mind enjoys that deep, deep relaxation.
And you can forget all about who you are and where you are…. Just focus on going deeper and deeper.
And as you settle deeper down, you can become aware of a part of your mind opening up… a powerful part… the part of your mind that looks after you… that controls everything… and is who you are… a part of your mind that is there… that controls your behaviours… your habits… your thoughts…
a place where old thoughts… beliefs… ideas… can change… easily and quickly…Seeding change
And when you relax like this you can control that part of your mind… It is very powerful… and you can get that part of your mind to demonstrate the power to change… to let go while holding on…
So get that part of your mind now to focus attention on your eyes. Become aware of the tiny muscles that control those eyelids. Those muscles can become so relaxed so tired, it is as if you have forgotten how to operate them.
It is as if you have forgotten how to use those muscles, and as your mind relaxes those eyes down deeper and deeper… It is as if they are glued tight shut and you just can not open those eyes now.D
Those eyes are so relaxed it is almost as if they belonged to someone else.Dissociation
CapablityYou just do not know how to open those eyes.D
And when you are sure that those eyes are closed tight shut, when those eyes are relaxed all the way down to the point where they just don’t work… at the point where they feel like they are outside your control, you just don’t know how to operate them… And that’s OK, you don’t care. When you are sure those eyes are so relaxed that you know you can’t open them… then you can try to open them… and you will find that those eyes are glued tight shut… and that’s fine…Convince that they are in another mind
And you can stop trying now.Clear away
Drain away Anxiety
And just allow that relaxation to spread… to your forehead … to your scalp… the back of your head…
Imagine that relaxation going down your neck… into your spine… spreading out from your spine, radiating along every nerve, every pathway… relaxing your shoulders… and your chest and your waist and your hips and your legs. Relaxing your arms.
Feeling totally, totally relaxed now.K
And you can choose to forget about that body. And just become aware of any tension inside. Any worries, any problems…. And be aware that from all over… things that have been tied up are now letting go… things are relaxing… and it is like a wave of relaxation is spreading down your body… like a fluid… and everything is draining down…. All those old things letting go… softly, gently… all the way down the body… almost as if it is draining out your feet… and you can let go of all that stuff… It doesn’t matter now. Be aware of draining out….Drain away tension
And as you do, you might notice this feeling of deep, deep relaxation… and realize that you can achieve this level of relaxation any time you want. There’s no anxiety, no worries, nothing to care about… let all that old stuff drain out… everything is simple, easy, let it go, it really doesn’t matter now. Why not let it go?
Problems into Perspective
When you are in this state, you can think about your problems, and other people’s problems… they don’t seem that big, do they?
Thinking about relationships… complications… they don’t seem all that important…I
CapabilityYou can get a perspective on things, see them from a distance now, let them settle back to the size where they belong…Dissociation
And relaxing deeply lets you see yourself and your life as if you were high above it, as you go up and up, you realize that all the day to day stuff… it’s not that big a deal.VReframe
IdentityYou can recognize yourself… that you are the center of your universe… that you are important… and valued…D
Capabilityand all these people… all these expectations… you have a choice… you can choose how to deal with them… or even choose to ignore them…DPower to change
see them for what they are… other people with their own problems not dealing with them.Reframe
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
CapabilityAnd over the next days and weeks… you will find yourself letting go of stuff… just drop it… other people’s problems are their problems… let them deal with it…D
And you can now allow your mind to think of yourself in the sunshine… smiling… feeling great… laughing, ready to enjoy life…
And as you do… you begin to be aware of what is around you… the chair… the room…
Become aware of a need, a desire to move hands… start shrugging your shoulders… now your head is moving…
Taking a deep breath now… coming back to the present… head moving… eyelids flickering….
Ready for a stretch and a yawn…
And back to the present fully alert… THREE TWO ONE… NOW!



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