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Improve Study Skills with hypnosis

A hypnosis script to help with learning and Improve Study Skills. This enables you to connect to your own inner resources for learning and gives you back the confidence you have lost. It uses a combination of visualization and direct suggestion to help with learning difficulties.

The first part takes you into your own mind, and shows you how it works. Then you clear out the old stuff that was stopping you learning and lets you create a new learning process. Then the learning function is trained and tested to make sure it is working OK.

The next part is a visualization of being back in a school room and getting praised for learning. The final part of the learning to learn script is a direct suggestion for confidence and the ability to retain what has been learned.

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and there are things you know… and you don't know how you know them…Truism
there are things you learned and you don't remember learning them…Truism
Capabilityand that means that you can learn things naturally… easily… almost without paying attention…>Hypnotic logic
Capabilityand just by relaxing and breathing softly now… you are learning to relax even more…>
and the more you do that… you more are learning… to drift away… to forget about where you are… imagine your surroundings fading away…>
and every sound you hear now… is taking you… guiding you… gently into a trance-like relaxation… and it's a way of learning… nothing matters… and everything can fade away… and learning to use that feeling… of drifting off… floating away….Aaudio induction
and isn't it curious how feeling heavier can let you drift away?…ITag question
Capabilityand noticing that means you are learning… many curious things… about yourself… about relaxing deeper and deeper…Lack of RI
how every word is letting you relax more inside… peaceful and calm…. nothing to think about… comfortable…
and that means you are open to new things… new ideas…. thinking while not thinking… thinking about learning and not learning… and knowing what you know…>
IdentityAnd one thing you have learned is that you already know how to learn... to do new things... to get good at things...=You can learn
and while thinking and not thinking about these things you can allow your mind to drift away... to another place...
Metaphor Section
Finding the learning place
and you find yourself in a place with many spaces... with gray walls... like rooms... and on the walls and floors there are lines of pulsing lights... and high above there are lights winking on and off as distant parts communicate with each other...V
and you realize you are inside a giant network of connections... there is a soft slow rushing noise in the background... and a feeling of controlled activity... checks and balances... moving at lightning speed... as a vast number of different activities are managed and guided into place....V
Capabilityand you realize you are seeing into your own mind... sensing your brain at work.. and that means that you are in the place where you can make changes to the way you think... to how you learn... to how easily you learn...>Reframing
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