Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself Hypnosis Script

Finding Yourself Again

Finding Yourself Hypnosis

This therapy script uses your client's own understanding of the power of nature and their personal sense of their place in the universe. The listener imagines they are in a situation of danger, being pursued by unknown threats.

They then find a hypnotic resource to give them the power to escape the threat. This leads to a connection with a mystical force. The force lets the listener understand their place in the universe, how everything is connected to everything else, that they have a role to play in it.

The therapy part uses Timeline imagery, and metaphor therapy to replace anxiety with feelings of harmony and completeness. This is then reinforced by Inner Child work. The feeling of harmony with some external eternal strength is used to alter personal feelings of powerlessness in childhood. The child is transformed by that power to solve whatever is holding them back.

It ends with a guided visualization of emerging from their hiding place and setting off in a new direction.


Connecting to Nature
MemoryAnd be aware of being transported to a different place… in a different time.

And there are trees… Forest.

And there are sounds behind you.

Horses, shouts… you are frightened.

And you are pushing through the undergrowth… stumbling… running…. trying to get away. And these things are pursuing you, hunting you down. And as they get closer, you can hear the sounds… and you are getting more and more anxious. And you come to a stream.

And you remember something about getting away, and you start running along the stream… splashes in the cold water…. getting more and more frightened. And the stream goes round a corner… and cuts into a bank. The stream has undermined the bank and under there is a hole.

A place you can go into.

And you leave the stream, and you force yourself into that hole under the bank.

It is just big enough for you to curl up inside. Your back against the earth. In the dark. And the stream is running past. And you can hear those voices and hoof beats…. shouts and cries… above you… all around you.

And you just relax deeper into that place.

VDissociation Induction
And you think 'I can make myself small'.

And you shrink into that place. And you feel yourself being held… almost as if the earth is protecting you. As if the earth is wrapping itself around you… holding you… in a warm comfortable embrace.

Kinesthetic Deepener
And you feel yourself becoming one with the earth. And as you relax even more into that place… those sounds fade away… and you just give yourself up to the embrace of the earth.

Feeling yourself being safely cocooned and held… where nothing can get to you.

And as you do… you feel yourself almost melting… becoming one with the earth, becoming aware of nature, growth and change… Becoming aware of strange pulses, the rhythm of life, the flow of the stream, the drift of the clouds.

You become part of that constant movement. Ever-changing but always the same.

And as you do, you can imagine sinking deeper and deeper into the earth, and leaving behind all those anxieties… all the worries… you realize as you are safe in this place, whatever happens on the outside will never reach you… will never find you.

And those noises fade as the searchers move on somewhere.

And you are feeling part of the whole earth, getting a deeper understanding of yourself as part of nature, part of that world.

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