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Ultimate pain relief hypnosis script

Pain relief hypnosis can be very effective but can be difficult to do right. The Ultimate Pain Relief  Hypnosis Script is the nearest thing you are going to get to a fullproof pain script. Different people respond to different methods. So you need to know how to use each one. The Ultimate Pain Relief  Hypnosis script shows you how to apply all the main hypnotic pain control methods.

This hypnosis session uses eight different ways of dealing with pain. It uses hypnotic visualization to let it fade away, to rub it out, to turn it down, to say goodbye to it, to let it go, to make it numb and to switch it off. Each of these uses a different healing metaphor. By applying them all, every client should respond to at least one technique. You can copy and adapt the different methods to particular cases.

Knowing that there are eight effective pain relief hypnosis techniques available immediately boosts the client's confidence. The Ultimate  Pain Relief Hypnosis script lets them find the way that works best for them. Knowing that at least one way will work gets their mind ready to believe that they can manage their own pain.

EXTRACT FROM Hypnosis Script Pain Control Ultimate Pain Relief

MemoryWhen you think about pain there are many things to consider.IAbiguity
CapabilityYour body already knows ways to make yourself more comfortable.ITruism
CapabilityAnd you can learn more ways. You can learn to relax... to relax away pain...D 
CapabilityMany people have learned to manage their pain... and you can too... you have so many powers... powers that you can use now... now that you need them... they were always there... waiting...DSecret powers
CapabilityScience has shown that the mind has the ability to block signals from getting to the brain... you still have the pain... but you can fool your brain into not feeling it...DReframe
CapabilityEveryone has that ability... you just need to need it enough... and it will appear for you too... Resource appears
 So think about these ways of blocking the pain... and choose the one that you think works best for you..IBind 'the one that works best'
 Vanish it Visual
MemoryYou know the way that water can just dry up and vanish? And how sometimes if a picture is left out where the sun can get to it, it fades away? Well that happens to other things too...MSeeding
 the first way you can block your pain is to focus on the area that you want to be made better... think about that spot... the exact spot you want to change...K 
 and now bring to mind a colored spot... think of the color that is right for that spot... the spot you want to change...V 
 and thinking about that spot... take a deep breath and then imagine somehow breathing out through that spot... imagine it like a cold icy breath... a breath of freedom... of ease... of relief.... and as you breath out... imagine the color of that spot getting a little lighter... a little less intense....  
 and now on the next breath out feel that breath going through that spot again... and that spot changing... becoming less intense... lighter.... fading...  
behaviourand continue enjoying that change... and with each breath out let that spot change until it has faded away... that's a good way to go...  
 Wipe it away  
Memoryand there are other ways.... I wonder if you can remember a time when you went to the doctor' for something that was so bad.... and after getting treatment it just cleared up? Most people have memories of things that just worked like magic...MSeeding
 - - - - -            - - - - -  
 The rest of this script is in the Healing Scripts book.  
 - - - - -            - - - - -  


 and as you feel that difference... presupposition
 you may know which method works best for you... and you are free to try them all and choose... and as you are choosing you can focus on your breathing now...  
 breathing away all discomfort... becoming totally at ease.... knowing you can feel what you want to feel... and not feel what you choose not to feel...  
 let each breath out relax you into the comfort you want... just the way you want it...  
 and as that comfort increases you can begin to become aware of how good you feel... all over... and knowing that deep inside things are happening the way they should ambiguity
 and as you become aware of that... you can become more aware of where you are again... and in that better place... begin to feel lighter... more aware... more awake....  
 and come back to the present.... NOW.  

Analysing this pain relief hypnosis script shows how each section builds on the previous section. The structure reinforces the imagery with direct suggestion. This leaves the client with a better understanding of how to control their own pain.



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