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Bed Wetting Hypnosis Script

Dry nights with hypnosis

Stop Bed Wetting Hypnosis

This Bed Wetting Hypnosis script describes a simple technique that you can use to stop younger children wetting the bed. It is really a trick to convince the child that they have magic powers. If you convince your child that he has the power to control things with just his mind, he will believe that he really can control his bed wetting.

Bed Wetting Hypnosis uses a pendulum to show, to convince, the child that he has a power he never knew he had. You suggest that he is making the pendulum move by the power of his thoughts. The Bed Wetting Hypnosis session is actually a magic show that totally involves the child as a partner. The child thinks he is influencing the pendulum with his mind. Most children are deeply impressed by it.

In fact, the pendulum moves because of tiny tremors in the muscles in the hand of the child holding the pendulum. It must move. All you have to do is to suggest that the child is causing the movement, and the child will believe you, because it really is moving, and they don't know why.

It works best with children between about four and twelve. Children older than that sometimes are often quite sceptical and want to argue, but it is still worth a try with older kids.

The Bed Wetting Hypnosis Script give you alternative ways to conduct the therapy. Youi can use the Superpower metaphor as given, or add your own Direct Suggestion section.

Excerpt from Stop Bed Wetting Hypnosis Script

[Set up]
The child should be sitting down. It can be at table or just in a seat of some sort. If the child is sitting, hang the pendulum between his knees.
MemoryYou will need a pendulum. This can be any sort of small weight on a bit of string, it really doesn't matter. The pendulum string needs to be about half the length of the forearm if at a table, or about the length of the lower leg to use it on the floor.
Create something to show the letters A,B,C,D. You can write the letters on separate bits of paper. Then lay them out as a square with A opposite B, and C opposite D. Or use one large piece of paper.
Show how to use the Pendulum dissociation
Do you want to see some magic?V
Are you ready to find out at what your own mind can do?
Are you ready to learn something magic?
Take this pendulum and hold the string between your thumb and index finger. [Demonstrate how it is done]. Now let it hang over the table [(or over the floor)]. Just let it hang straight down.
Make sure your elbow is supported on something and your hand is straight above the pendulum.V
Now, focus your attention on the pendulum. Really concentrate on the weight at the end of the pendulum... keep your eyes on that weight...Resource
Now as you focus you will find the end of that pendulum will begin to swing...
CapabilityAnd the more you focus... the more that pendulum wants to swing...
- - - - - - - -  
[The rest of this script is available in the Healing Scripts Collection ]
- - - - - - - -  
Your mind is controlling that pendulum… you have a very strong mind… every movement shows how strong your mind really is…K
I wonder if you even know how strong your mind is… Your mind is so strong… you can do anything you want to… and that means that you can stop night problems.
When you go to bed at night… you mind is still working for you… you sleep, but you mind doesn’t. Your mind is looking after you.
So you can just let that strong mind of yours take over… your mind can stop you wetting the bed… make sure you have a dry night…
Now just close your eyes a moment, and think about waking up tomorrow morning… dry and warm… and just feel now how good that will be…
Because you have a superpower… and superpowers last forever.
So open your eyes… and feel the difference inside you.
Well done! You were great! You can do it!



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