Free hypnosis scripts

Free Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis Scripts Free Downloads

Try out these free hypnosis scripts. Experience the real power of professionally written scripts. These scripts are complete from induction to re-orientation.

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Hypnosis Tutorial

How to Hypnotize someone. A script for the beginner. Use this method and you can hypnotize most people straight away.  Complete instructions for how to do your first hypnosis induction. Download the script as a pdf.

Self Hypnosis Free Script

How to Hypnotize yourself. Step by step instructions on how to put yourself into trance. The best way to hypnotize other people is learn what if feels like in yourself.

Self hypnosis light switch

Easy to learn and powerful. This script puts you into trance by relaxing your muscles, and then quieting any intrusive thoughts. You can extend this script by adding your own touches.

Hypnosis susceptibility test

Finger Steeple Test. This is a test of Hypnosis susceptibility. It can also be used as an induction. Great fun as a demo at a party. Try it.

Dave Elman Induction

A traditional but effective way to hypnotize almost anyone. Uses multiple tests and deepeners. Part of the Inductions Scripts Bundle.

Progressive muscle relaxation induction

A new version of the classic induction. Works by tensing and then relaxing all the major muscle groups. Reliable and effective. Every hypnotist needs to be able to do this script. Part of the Inductions Scripts Bundle.

Countdown Induction

The most used induction in hypnosis. Easy to learn and easy to use. A must-have classic. Part of the Inductions Scripts Bundle.

Move on with Life

Moving on with life is an example of a metaphor script. Use to change someone who feels 'stuck'. It alters their perception of how they appear to others. Then helps them to let go of the baggage they have been carrying. Part of the Clinical Hypnosis Scripts Bundle.

Ego strengthening script

A modern version of a classic script to increase confidence. Works by boosting the ego instead of trying to reduce the problem. Part of the Clinical Hypnosis Scripts Bundle.

Analyzing with Art Therapy

A fun way to get your client to open up and talk about relationships. Also a great way to get a dinner party going.

Hypnosis Induction Script Personalized

How to create a unique induction for each client with very little effort. Use your client's own experience to take them deeply into trance easily and quickly.

These are examples of the type of scripts that are in the Specialist collections.

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