IN PROGRESS Hypnosis Script Stop Scratching MP3

I found a nail biting script on your website that you said could also be adjusted to suit other problems such as scratching.

So I have manually edited the script to target scratching rather than nail biting. My question is how much would it cost if you made this into a MP3 recording so that I could save it onto my mobile/computer etc? I have quite a bit of experience with hypnosis recordings and am very impressed with the quality of this script.

I have suffered from scratching for a very long time but am happily married with a good career. It would mean a lot if you could make this MP3 for me. I am willing to pay a fair price for this service of course.

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Recall a face

How to recall a face with Hypnosis

How to recall a face 

I have purchased your inductions and scripts but I have a client that is looking for help in remembering her fathers face. She was a child when he left the family home and she is desperate to be able to see his face.

I am not sure how to do this. Is it something you can help me with?


This is fairly straightforward.
Use a form of regression.
Put the client into trance using a countdown induction.
Then suggest that after the last number there is a corridor in front of her.
Along the corridor are doors.
As she drifts down the corridor she realises that behind the doors are scenes from her life.
As she goes deeper she is going back in time.
She can open each door and learn what is behind the door.
Take her back as far as she wants to go. At some point she will either find a scene with her father or not.
If so, good. Job done.

If not, then use a visualization metaphor.

Suggest she is in a warm bath, talk about relaxing, floating etc.
Then suggest she is now floating down a stream... continue with the floating and dissociation. Then suggest that she is a huge cave and away at the edges, miles away she can notice that there are aspects of her life but right here, right now, there is emptiness. But from far above something is trying to communicate. Get her to accept the communication, and suggest subtly that is is her father. He was been thinking of her always, and is now allowing her to become aware of his presence. Suggest peace, release, serenity etc. Encourage her to be open to the experience.

If she doesn't get anything then there is nothing there to find.

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NLP Word Weaving

NLP Word Weaving a Waste of Breath?

NLP Word Weaving is something NLP people are very proud of. I was talking to some newly made hypnotists who had just finished a course in NLP and hypnosis. They were all excited about their new skills. They were looking forward to a sparkling career as an international hypnosis superstar.

I didn't have the heart to disillusion them so I let them rave on. The reality is that most full time hypnotists see fewer than six clients a week. 90% of graduates from NLP and Hypnotherapy schools never actually use what they paid so much money to acquire.

NLP Word Weaving in practice

However they were asking me about one aspect that was worrying them both. They didn't feel confident about applying the 'NLP word weaving' part of NLP. They had spent a long time admiring how others had crafted indirect suggestions and language patterns. It seemed to them that there were people who could produce endless streams of it on any subject. They were told this was the way to influence the client's subconscious with effortless mastery.

I had had to tell them that as far as I was concerned, all that effort on NLP Word Weaving was a waste of time and breath. There certainly are endless elegant ways of talking around a subject. There are many ways of structuring suggestions so that that the client doesn't notice. But there is absolutely no evidence that it actually works any better than a straight forward suggestion.

In fact there is evidence  to the opposite. It is so subtle that many clients miss the point. So I had to tell them that they had nothing to worry about. I am not sure if they were more relieved or disappointed.

Fear of snorkelling

I am looking for a script that will work with a lady who is having trouble putting her head underwater to swim or snorkel.

I haven’t as yet had a full session with her but briefly she mentioned that this would be what she would require healing with. I am not sure which script would work best. Your advice much appreciated.

I have used key hypnosis scripts in the past especially for nail biting and have had a lot of success. I have had to go back and do a follow-up once.

There isn’t really a script for this type of thing. What she is experiencing is a type of psychological fear linked to a much earlier fear. You need to use regression for this condition.

Find out what is triggering the fear, and what the original situation was that is causing the fear.Take her back to childhood and find and fix the event that underlies it all.

First memory – How old were you

Research suggests that the average age of a single first memory is three and a half years old, and that the few memories you have from an early age are scattered and unrelated until much older. This has been known for over a century, but still is not appreciated by the general public. Clients often think their memory is deteriorating, or they worry that they don’t remember anything before age six.

The age at which memory becomes more or less continuous varies greatly. Women in general have earlier memories than men. Your chance of having an early memory depends on how startling or emotional the event was. The more dramatic, the more you are likely to recall something, although it may only be a fragment. About one in thirty of people claim to have a memory going back to age one. And about one in thirty have no memories at all before age six or seven, or even eight.

All of these are normal and of no consequence.

Tips to stop nail biting

Nail biting is a very common issue that is presented to hypnotherapists. Here are some tips to stop biting nails.

1. Realize what you are doing.

Think about what you are actually putting in your mouth. Your hands touch everything: dirt, germs, bacteria, moulds, fly droppings, rotting spores – everything. And it all gets transferred into your mouth every time you bite or suck your nails.

Disgusting stuff lives under your nails. Even if you wash your hands frequently micro organisms like fungus and viruses live under your nails in the nailbed, and these get transferred to your mouth. Broken and bleeding nails just give a way in for more nasty stuff.

2. Remind yourself 

It is just a habit. There is no psychological element to it other than belief that you can’t stop. Remind yourself constantly about why you want to stop. Write a list of all the reasons you want to stop and then copy them to bits of card and post them all round the house: on the fridge, on the door out, in your bedside drawer, on the dashboard of your car. And on the bottom in big letters write “I CAN DO IT”.

3. Carry a nail care kit

Make sure you always have a nail file on you.  Most people feel the need to bite or pick when they think there is some ragged bit that needs dealt to. So if you always have a nail file handy you can spend the time carefully filing and smoothing, and gradually the biting habit will fade away. As your nails recover from the abuse, you can then use things from your kit to maintain their health.

3. Be good to your nails.

Use cuticle oil at night and it will get absorbed into the nails. Spend some time moisturising your hands daily. Book a regular professional manicure.  You won’t want to ruin them. Nail polish strengthens and protects nails, even men can benefit from clear polish.

4. Make a feature of your nails.

After years of hiding them, why not spend some time making them noticeable? As soon as you get some positive results play around with different nail polishes, try some nail art, take an interest in them. Your interest will be repaid.

Feeling your mind body connection

Recent research has identified that people from countries all round the world feel the same emotions in the same parts of their body.

Mind body connection

People were asked to shade in part of a body outline to show where in their body they felt anger, or sadness or happiness, etc. There were two interesting results: one, that so many people actually noticed a part of their body responding to a feeling; and two, that the same feeling was mostly associated with the same area of the body. So cold feet or an itchy nose may be reflecting your emotions.

I wonder if you have noticed this yourself, or like me, you don’t seem to have any response in your body to different moods?

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Elman induction fractionation

Elman Induction Fractionation

I came across a description of the Dave Elman induction the other day. It reminded me of why it is often necessary to go back to the original publication. Most, if not all, of the hypnosis training schools in the US teach the The Dave Elman induction. Over time each trainer modifies it to their own style. Gradually, how they teach it drifts away from the exact instructions in the original version. This is inevitable but has consequences.

Elman Induction Fractionation

What sets the Elman induction apart from other inductions is the use of fractionation. This is the name given to the technique of  inducing trance by opening and closing the eyes. The hypnotist suggests that each time you close your eyes you will go deeper into trance.

However, in the original version, there is one crucial bit of the eye closure that has been forgotten. The original states that when doing fractionation, the hypnotist's hand should be held in front of the person's eyes. The hand is held  so close that they cannot focus their eyes. This prevents them from being distracted by anything in the room. 

I don't think that I have ever seen this mentioned in any modern version. A quick tour of the online videos of the Elman induction reveals that this detail has been omitted there too.

Perhaps we all need to go back to the source?

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Astral Travel

Astral Travel Astral Projection

I was asked about Astral Projection and how to do it. This is also known as Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, or Out-of-Body Experience. 

You might think it is a difficult thing to do, but anyone who can go into self hypnosis can do Astral Travel.

What is Astral Projection?

 The concept of out of body experiences is very ancient, and practiced world-wide by shamans and mystics. Astral Projection is the name given to a feeling of being able to move out of your body while in a deeply relaxed state. Some people believe that between life and death there exists an in-between state called the Astral Plane. This plane can be reached and explored by creating a special state of mind.

Astral Projection occurs when your spirit essence leaves your body and travels in that Astral Plane. You are aware of things in the astral plane because your mind is connected to your body by a kind of ethereal umbilical cord. The astral plane is said to be at place were time is an illusion. The astral traveller is simultaneously connected to the past and the future and the present. Astral travel also includes journeying deep into your own subconscious mind. Every person's experience is different.

How to do Astral Travel

To get to the right state requires you need to relax your body completely. Experts usually use a combination of Progressive Relaxation and Breathing Induction. Your body will then gradually descend into Sleep Paralysis. This is very similar to  deep meditation. Your body will be totally inert, your muscles utterly relaxed, but your mind will be crystal clear.  People report a sensation of resonating with their environment. They are totally in touch with what is going on all around them, in the room, in the street outside, high above and deep below.

Once that state is achieved, you focus your mind on one object or idea. This can be a mantra or an abstract concept such as "love" or "connect". Exclude all other thoughts that might come into your mind. At some point "things" will start to appear and disappear. These are flickers of astral contact touching your unconscious mind. You are then on the edge of the astral experience.

Then, allow your mind to dismiss your body totally, and you will enter into a state of 'no sensations'. Astral journeying should then start automatically. As you expand into the Astral Plane the powers in the astral plane will guide you. It needs no input from you, you are under the control of your Astral Guide. The guide will take you to wherever you're supposed to go.

There is a script for Astral Travel available on this site.

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smoking when drinking

Smoking when drinking with friends

Every client is different. I had a really interesting and different client for smoking today, and I thought that the approach to smoking that I came up with worth blogging. Her problem was smoking when drinking with friends

She said she had been able to give up in the past once for a year as a teenager. Then on another occasion for four years. But she started again when her ex-husband left. She said she smokes as a way to deal with stress. But her real problem is smoking when she goes out to socialize with friends.

I got her to close her eyes. Then I ask her the question: "What comes to mind when I say the phrase 'You will never smoke another cigarette again?' ".

Smoking when drinking with friends

She said she would feel a bit disappointed at not being able to socialize the way she used to. She said "when I start drinking with friends, it is like something comes over me. I start reaching for a cigarette."

I try to utilize whatever metaphors the client  uses. I asked "What is this something like? Some people feel it like a blanket, others like a teddy bear, some like a cloud. How does it seem to you?"

She said "It is more like a cloud. A dark cloud, like a foggy dark night."

I got her to develop this and she became aware that it came from the right, over her right shoulder. She said "I would like it to go away, because it makes me want to smoke." She had a clear conception of her own metaphor. I developed that.

I asked her to imagine something inside that cloud that would change it, like a lantern or fireworks or something like a pin point of light. She came up with a bright light shining through it from the bottom. A blue light that was turning it white. She said that it was just sitting there, not threatening, doing nothing. Then I got her to examine it further and she said that it was full of voices of her friends urging her to stop, encouraging her to give up.

Not Smoking when drinking with friends

I asked if she would like to move into that cloud, to try moving into that friendly cloud. She said it was like something wrapped around her supporting her.

To test whether it was working, I then got her to imagine being in a bar with friends and she said she felt protected, that she didn't need to smoke to enjoy their company. She was sitting there with her eyes closed, smiling, fully immersed in the metaphor feeling, having led herself into trance without any formal induction.

I finished with some direct suggestions. As a final test for successful change I did a finger lift. I asked her unconscious mind to signal to her by lifting a finger if she was a non smoker. One of her fingers moved. I told her that was her mind guaranteeing that she would never smoke again.

Every smoker is different: this is just another example of using what the client brings to you.

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