Hypnosis Pain Control Spirit

 Hypnosis Pain Control Spirit

Control Pain Spirituality Hypnosis

Hypnosis Pain Control Spirit

This script is for people who have a strong spiritual belief. It uses their own spirituality as a resource to allow them to control their pain. The first part uses the metaphor of healing waters to allow them to dissociate from their pain. Then the dissociation is deepened, and a link is established with whatever type of spirit they believe in. This is then linked to a gift from the spirit. A gift of being able to control pain. The final section uses a posthypnotic suggestion that they can let the spirit touch them anytime, anywhere, to relieve their pain.

EXTRACT FROM Hypnosis Pain Control Spirit

Now just get yourself comfortable… close your eyes…
Think about your breathing for a moment… and with each breath out… feel yourself relaxing more and more…Relaxation Induction
And on the next breath out, really relax, and let it all go…
And maybe think of some place where you can relax completely… Imagine yourself into that place now… Feel what you feel there… Arms and legs heavy and tired… Mind drifting and emptying…KDeepener
So tired… So relaxed…Set up location
MemoryI wonder if you can imagine… Walking along a path… on your own… Feeling tired, weary… tired of the constant pain.VVisualisation induction
MemoryFeeling so tired you just want to lie down… Close your eyes… And drift away…K
You can do that…Permission
And that path … leads you to a place you have never been…V
A strange, unusual place.
there are trees… and a pool of water.
Everything growing around that pool is healthy, flexible, lush.
And there is something about this place… it seems special, almost magical… and silent… a feeling of expectation… of something waiting to happen…Expectation of change
The water sparkles… the air smells clean…
The place draws you in… there is something about the water, you just want to experience that water…
You put your feet in the water. It’s pleasantly warm. You feel the water on your skin, soothing and easing… releasing.
You go deeper into the pool…
- - - - - -
 The full script is in the Pain Collection
- - - - - -
MemorySomething you haven’t felt for a long time.
So, thinking about that… and your inner strength… and knowing that that spirit is always there in you…
When you’re ready… You can come back to the present… Open your eyes…
And we’ll continue.



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