tropical sunset

Tranquil Sunset Induction

Allow the sunset to take you into trance

Tropical Sunset Induction

Use the tropical sunset induction to go down into trance in a warm relaxing place as the sun slips behind the horizon.

A gentle relaxing induction based on visualization of the sun going down into the sea, as seen from a tropical island. Suggestions of relaxing and "let it happen" encourage your mind to let go and close down into unconscious thought.


Imagine you are on an island somewhere... somewhere warm... somewhere nice... imagine you are on that island looking out to sea from some high point.... or from a beach... imagine the land beneath you sweeping down towards the sea....Vvisualization
and it is getting late in the day... and you are relaxing...
nothing to do... nothing to do but watch the sun go down... and relax even more...
V pace with breathing
 memoryand as you are lying there... breathing gently... allow your eyes to close and imagine being on that island... that's right...V dissociation
imagine feeling yourself letting go all the tension of the day... as the sun touches the horizon... and all around things are settling down for the night...>
and that sun will slide down behind the horizon in the time it takes to take ten gentle breaths... breathing induction
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