spark induction


Mixed Methods induction for hypnotherapy

Spark Induction

The Hypnosis Spark Induction is a specialized induction design for use in clinical hypnotherapy. This kind of induction introduces elements of the visualization metaphor that are later used in the main therapy session.

In this induction the client is asked to imagine a spark of light and lets that spark lead them down a corridor that takes them deeper and deeper. In the corridor the spark then becomes the main element that leads to the place where the client will make the emotional changes they need.

The induction is multilayered and uses Kinesthetic suggestion, visual suggestions, auditory suggestions and metaphor imagery to put the listener into trance.


Emotional Release Induction
Good... that's good.... and now take a deep breath.... ahhhh... and another deep breath... and one more deep breath... and just allow the whole of your body to relax... that's good
ResourcesNow that you are relaxing.... you can allow your mind to change things for you... you can use the inner power that is in all of us...Pre-supposition
and I want you to imagine that inner power.... and just for a moment allow your eyes to close.. that's right....Vstart the induction
and as you lie there... relaxing... I wonder if you can imagine some dark dim place somewhere... some place safe and warm and comfortable...Vpacing
and imagine there is a speck of light... and imagine that speck of light moving... and imagine that speck of light guiding you safely down... and down... and as that speck of light moves you feel yourself drawn down and into trance
and thinking about that speck of light... you can feel your body slowing down... your eyes getting heavy.... and the weight of your arms and legs... feel your arms and legs getting tired and heavy... imagine the whole of your body getting heavy and tired... and relaxing... deeper and deeper now....Dkinaesthetic induction
imagine going deeper into that dark place... as that speck leads you on... gliding further down...
imagine your body sinking... drifting... deeper and deeper...
Vkinaesthetic induction
The rest of this script is in the Induction Scripts Collection....
just relaxing... no ONE idea or TWO much to care... and drifting away like soft cotton balls.. the whole body one long relaxed breath going deeper and deeper and deeper, more relaxed....D



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