resistant induction


Overcome resistance repeat the instructions


Use the Repeat the Instructions induction to allow resistant clients to feel that they are still in control when going into trance. Similar to My Friend John induction, but without John.

This script is used where the client won’t go into trance because they fear losing control. It lets them go into trance at the pace that suits them. It gives them the feeling of being in control of what is happening. The person repeats the hypnotist’s words in their mind. This allows the illusion of control while actually going along with instructions to go into trance.
The words in italics are said in a way that the listener know to repeat them silently.


Are you quite comfortable there?Yes set 1
Ready to begin?Yes set 2
Want to try going into trance by yourself?Yes set 3
Because actually, I am not going to try to hypnotize you at all. You are going to hypnotize yourself.Paradox
I am going to show you how you can go into trance, deeply and easily, and keeping control at all times. Would you like to do that?get agreement
I am going to suggest what you might do, and you can decide when and how much. That way you will be in control.Reassurance
You might find that after a while you decided to stop listening to me, and just do it, and that’s OK too.Indirect suggestion
Now, I am going to say some things, and I want you to repeat the same words in your mind… not speaking aloud… just in your mind. OK?Check understanding
So after I have said it, you just nod to show that you have repeated the words in your mind... and when you repeat the words in your mind, allow yourself to feel the effect of those words…Instructions
So are you ready now? OK. Close your eyes so you can relax easier.Indrct Sugg.
Now think about your feet on the floor there… and as you breathe out say to yourself… repeat to yourself in your mind…  my feet are becoming heavy… heavy and relaxed.  Repeat that phrase in your mind... feet heavy and relaxedRelaxation induction
when you have done that - Nod… good… on the next breath think and repeat the words...pace with breathing
My legs are getting heavy and relaxed…legs
- - - - -
- - - - - The rest of this script is in the Inductions  - - - - -
- - - - -



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