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Hypnosis Induction Double the Numbers

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Induction Double the Numbers

The Double the Numbers Induction is a variation on the staircase or escalator induction. Using numbers is fine, but most people have difficulty not linking their counting to their breathing.

This induction gets over that difficulty by giving the listener a line to follow. The listener then strings the numbers at different points along the line and relaxes more as they pass each number.
The advantage of this type of induction is that it allows the listener to relax at their own pace, and is gentler and more client focused than the standard 'one to ten' countdown induction.

It is particularly useful as a self induction.


Walking down the numbers...
Take a deep breath... and let it go... Ahhh... That's right....encouragement
Now take another deep breath... that's good.....pace the client
Now just allow your eyes to close... that's very good....
[add instructions here for loosening the shoulders...etc if you think it is needed]Physical relaxation
memoryAnd now I want you to imagine a line.... or a chain or something like that... and I want you to imagine the numbers one to ten on that line....VAlways offer a choice of possible ways to form the line.
memoryand I want you to make the distance between two and three double the distance between one and two... and the distance between three and four is twice the distance of the distance between two and three...Vset up
- - - - - - - -
The rest of the script is in the collection
- - - - - - - - -
[either do another deepener, or carry on with the therapy]




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