finger lift induction


Repeat the instructions to overcome resistance


The Finger Lift Induction is a good way to deal with clients who cannot visualise. It is also good to use with clients who are a little nervous because it only uses counting and everyone is familiar with counting.
It is also very good practice for the hypnotist. People respond at their own speed. It is difficult to know when someone is going into trance so this induction gives you immediate feedback as to how the client is progressing and what they feeling. It is surprising how slow some clients are. But that’s okay, it is best that they got their own speed. If you find that you have a very slow responding client then that suggests that you should take the suggestions quite slowly during the therapy part.

It is also a good way of starting with clients who say that they cannot be hypnotised. You should get a finger lift within a reasonable time. If you don’t get one, then you should stop the induction and ask the client what they are experiencing. That then gives you the opportunity to talk about how they feel and what their fears are and so on.

You can ask the client to close their eyes at the beginning. Or you can just wait until the client decides that that’s the part they going to relax next.


Are you okay with going into hypnosis?Permission
All you have to do is to be able to relax a little, then you will find yourself going into trance naturally and easily.Capability
You know how to count from one to 10 don’t you?Bind
Okay, that’s good. 
Because all I am going to do is to get you to count with me and relax with each number.Reassurance
I will just explain how it’s going to work. 
I am going to count from 10 down to one. 
And as I count down, on every number a part of your body will relax, and you will let me know that it has relaxed. 
By the time we get to 1 your whole body will be relaxed and you will be in trance. 
It’s as simple as that.Reassurance
Do you think you can do that?Permission
Okay good. 
I’m going to count from 10 down to one and on each number I will ask you to relax a part of your body. When you feel that part of your body has relaxed, all you have to do is to lift a finger to let me know.Instruction
Okay let’s begin. 
When I say 10, I want you to think about your feet, and let them relax completely. When they relax completely you can lift a finger to let me know. Then I say the number nine, and you will relax your lower legs, and lift a finger to let me know. And so on.Kinesthetic Response
Okay starting now. 
Ten. Allow your feet to relax. Just feel those feet relaxing. Relax those feet, and when they have relaxed lift a finger and let me know.Progressive Relaxation Countdown
[Wait for finger lift].
Nine. Allow your lower legs to relax. Feel that relaxation spreading from your feet to your lower legs. Feel your legs getting loose and soft and heavy. When you feel that sensation, lift a finger again. 
[Wait for finger lift]. 
Eight. Now your thighs are relaxing. Feel those thighs relax. The whole of your legs relax now. I when you have almost legs relaxed lift a finger. 
[Wait for finger lift]. 
That’s good. You’re doing very well. 
And now you take over. Just think to yourself number seven. And as you think of the number seven, that relaxation will spread to another part of your body and you can choose the part of your body that will relax next.Self Induction
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