Candle Hypnosis Induction

Candle Hypnosis induction

An effective lead in to regression therapy

Candle Hypnosis induction

Candles have always been associated with hypnosis. One of the earliest inductions was by James Braid, who hypnotized someone at a dinner party by asking them to stare at a candle flame. This Candle hypnosis  induction updates that tradition.
It uses the more modern idea that candles are used as an aid to meditation and relaxation, not for illumination.

Blowing out candles is gentle way to lead someone into trance. This induction is particularly good when you are doing regression work. You can personalize the induction if you suggest birthday candles, or candles used at a particular time of year.


Candle Hypnosis Induction
Take a deep breath.
Take another deep breath and let your eyes close.
and one more breath... and as you breath out... you can let it all go...Breathing induction
That's right. And now imagine that your whole body is relaxing... feel your arms getting heavy... your legs feeling heavy... your whole body is getting heavy... loose and soft and heavy...DKinesthetic induction
and your eyes are getting heavy...
and imagine you are in a room somewhere... dim and quiet...V
memoryand it is soft and warm and comfortable there... and there are candles shining softly all around... many many candles...
and now imagine that with each breath out... as you relax... a candle goes out...
and on the next breath... another candle goes out... and then with every gentle breath out .... more and more candles go out... and you can imagine that room getting dim and dark... dim and dark and quiet and peaceful...Candle Visualization induction
until all those candles have gone out... and you are totally relaxed.... totally at ease... [Pause]D
[Now do an eye catalepsy test]Test for trance



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