Hypnosis Script Pain Control Panel

Control Panel Hypnosis Pain Script

Visualize pain fading away

Control Panel Pain Relief

In the Control Panel script the client is asked to visualize a control panel of some sort. You get them to think about something like a large glass dial or like a clock with a large indicator hand that can move up and down the scale. The client is told that the what the dial is showing right now represents their current pain level.

Any time they want to change their level of comfort and control the pain all they have to do is visualize the control panel and move the dial.
In the initial training, the client is instructed to make their pain slightly worse, so that the indicator on the dial moves up. This is done to give the client an experience of control. Suffers always believe it can get worse, so it is easy to move the dial up. But this creates the link between the pain level and the dial.

The client is then instructed to move the dial the other way, to make their pain slightly less. Once the client discovers that they actually have some conscious control over their pain they will be convinced. Demonstrating even a little control makes it much more likely they will accept the idea that they can manage and control their own pain. After that it is easy to imagine away the pain.

This script is remarkably effective for a wide range of other conditions. Anything that changes intensity from time to time can use this script.

Hypnosis Script Pain Control Panel Extract

I wonder if you can imagine a control panel..... something with maybe a big dial in the middle.... part of a machine perhaps.... or it could just be the dial on a car, where you press the pedal the car speeds up....or it could have knobs that turn,.... or... you might be familiar with the kind of thing you get on some stereo systems.... where as you slide the control up, the sound goes up and a needle moves..... and you slide it down and the sound goes down..... or maybe some other kind of panel comes to mind that lets you control a process.....

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And now.... move that indicator down a lot..... make a significant movement down.... and feel that pain recede, feel a real difference as the indicator goes down and stays down.... and now move that indicator down even lower.... all the way down to the bottom..... all the way down..... and now move it up just a little from the bottom... so that there is just a tiny bit of pain left for you... pain is a message that there is something not right... that you should be careful with that part of the body,.... so you can leave a little.... just enough to remind you that you need to take a little care.....

And you have now learned how to control this thing.... and anytime you want to vary the level .... any time you forget..... you can use the control panel..... move that indicator.... and it will move with it.... You are in control... and isn't that something good to know?



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