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Pain control hypnosis scripts

Hypnotherapy Pain Relief Methods Scripts

Pain Control Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis has a long record of success with pain control. In fact hypnosis originated as a way to allow surgical operations before modern anesthetics. These pain control hypnosis scripts use the most effective techniques to manage pain. They can be adapted to suit many different needs.

Hypnosis can work on the symptoms and perception of physical pain. It is also good for controlling some long term pain and stress related issues. People do not always recognize the source of their problems. Physical pain can be the result of psychological pressure. Hypnosis can deal with the psychological need that underlies it, and relieve that pain.

With these hypnosis scripts you can work with clients with a wide range of stress and pain related issues. By teaching your clients how to control the stress in their life you are showing them how to avoid the things that are causing the pain.

The Hypnosis Pain Control Scripts are listed below. Click the button for details of each script.


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Ultimate Pain Control Script

Eight different ways of dealing with pain through Hypnosis. This script combines every pain control technique in one script. 

Control Panel Pain Relief

Pain control using the visualization of a dial to regulate pain by natural feedback. Visualize the pain reducing to the right level.

Magic Fingers Script

 Using the child's belief in Magic to let them control their own responses. Focus attention on their fingers and distract the pain. 

Paint Pot Script

Hypnosis for pain management. A metaphor technique to relieve pain. Visualize normal feeling as a color. Then move that color to where it hurts. Fast and effective.

Pain Control Spirit Script

A script for those people who are spiritual.  A visualization of a healing place leads to identification with an inner healing spirit. Then a post hypnotic suggestion links control of pain with being able to contact that universal spirit.

Healing Cloud Hypnosis Script

Uses a cloud metaphor to focus healing energy on what really matters. Allows you to dissociate from things going on around you. Puts your issues and worries into perspective. Works for overall well-being, not directed at a specific pain center.


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