walk in the park induction

Walk in the Park

Walking in the park hypnosis induction

Walk in the Park Induction

A visualization and breathing induction based on memories of a slow gentle walk outdoors. Using memories this way allows the mind to slip into trance almost without noticing. Most people will recall some time when they were just out walking and enjoying nature. 

With this script you are connecting to those old feelings and using them to open up memories of a different time and place. You can encourage the mind to go into that and forget all about the present. Trance is then generated automatically. 


Walk in the park induction script
I once had a friend who liked to go for walks... walks around town... walks in the country... walks by the shore...and no matter where you are... my friend said... you can always find a pleasant walk ....IDissociation
MemoryAnd I wonder if you can remember a time...when you went for a walk ... somewhere nice... just for relaxation... maybe by a river... or in the country... or it could be a park or somewhere like thatInvoke memories of relaxation
Memoryand maybe if you closed your eyes you can remember how pleasant it is... enjoying that feeling you get ...when you are amongst trees and grass and things you like... and far away from things that might disturb you...ITime congruency
Memory... people remember different things... the breeze in your hair... the swish of your clothes as you walk ... the warm sun on your face... maybe the feel of soft earth under your feet... the smell of new cut grass or country air... sounds of the outdoors... freedom... times like that can make you feel so good...using all the modalities


and maybe if you take a deep breath now you can feel that feeling... that relaxation... now... as you breathe out...Breathing = relaxing
and with each gentle breath out you might like to wonder how relaxed you can become... and you might be feeling that relaxation starting... and spreading...Breathing induction
and sometimes in times like that you find your mind drifting away...IDissociation
to some place away from here... and you find yourself on a gravel path... and you can feel the gravel crunching under your feet... you can hear each step... as you go along comfortably... wondering where this path might take you... and all around there's sunshine... trees... flowers... everything is calm ... and there's a sense of quiet and expectancy...Seeding 'comfortable'
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