Fisherman's Induction Hypnosis

Fisherman's Induction Hypnosis

How to use a special interest for induction

Fisherman's Induction Hypnosis

The Fisherman's Induction is an example of how to use an interest or hobby as the basis of hypnosis induction. Any hobby has the ability to pull the person into 'the zone' where they lose track of time and are fully focused on the activity. You can remind them of that experience. Then as go into the feeling, you lead them gently into trance. It is quite easy to do as long as you are careful to keep the listener in the 'state' and use matching imagery.

Fisherman's Induction Hypnosis works because when you remember the experience of something, you must 'go inside' to recall the experience. When you do that, you dissociate yourself from the present time and place. It happens naturally which is why we enjoy hobbies.
Once you understand the principle you will be able to do inductions based on any absorbing hobby or interest.

The disadvantage of this type of induction is that not everyone has had an absorbing experience that you can use. Be sure to ask first.


 Drifting off while fishing  
 I wonder if you can think back to a warm day.... a time when you were fishing... and take a few moments to think about how relaxing fishing can be... what you enjoy about fishing.... getting away from everything.... the calm tranquil moments... [pause] seed remembrance of a familiar experience
memoryand bring to mind that feeling of being totally absorbed in fishing.... not really thinking of anything.... your body relaxed and easy.... the line going into the water.... nothing to worry about.... just enjoying the time passing pleasantly... dissociation
memoryand as you lie there now... breathing softly... remembering that experience.. ... remembering what it is like to be fishing comfortably somewhere... like you feel the chair supporting you... comfortably... relaxing.... evoke a memory of relaxation
 and on a warm day you can feel so drowsy... so ready to drift away... and imagine being in a boat somewhere... fishing... drifting... and the warm day can make you feel like closing your eyes to remember that feeling better...Vsuggestions of drifting...
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