confusion induction


Overload a busy mind to hypnotize it quickly


This induction shows how to combine a normal countdown induction with a confusion deepener. A Confusion Induction is used where the client tells you they have a 'busy mind'. Clients who overthink things are constantly analyzing what you say and why you are saying it. They can not let go of their thoughts. They are trying desperately to stay in control and to avoid slipping into trance. That is why they are mentally challenging everything you say. 

By using very long sentences with complicated construction you force their mind to stop analysing because is cannot keep up with the stream of words. You have to keep up the stream of twists and turns and images until eventually their mind just gives up trying to analyze what you are saying. Their mind then focuses on the meaning and follows you into trance.  



And after one there’s just zero... inside that zero… a soft velvety darkness... imagine now floating... drifting... sinking... dreamy... drowsy... soft and warm and calm... allow yourself to drift away... Allow your mind to drift where it wants...
and you are aware of everything and yet you are not aware... you are listening with your subconscious mind while your conscious mind is far away not listening... your conscious mind is unconscious of the fact that your conscious mind is not here and not listening ... while you are conscious that your unconscious mind is listening and not hearing the conscious mind not listening as you are hearing everything and your unconscious mind stays very relaxed and peaceful and you can relax peacefully now because you unconscious mind is taking charge.. and you just let your unconscious mind do the listening and your conscious mind knows and because your subconscious mind doesn’t mind your conscious mind can go to sleep and not mind  and go deeper into trance now...confusion
And you’ve got the potential in your subconscious mind that you don’t need in your conscious mind and you don’t need to do anything now and just relax deeper and deeper... so you can remember everything that has happened to you with your subconscious mind but you can’t remember everything in your conscious mind...confusion
And you can forget so easily with forgetting ... you can remember to forget and you can forget to remember and remembering what you need to remember and forgetting what you need to forget and when you have forgot what you have forgotten and you can remember what you haven’t remembered and it really doesn’t matter if you forget what you don’t need to rememberconfusion
And as you hear these words... breathing gently... your mind can drift away...Suggestion
So now you don’t have to do anything… you don’t have to listen, you don’t have to think... all you have to do is enjoy that deep, deep relaxation
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