Breathing Affirmation Induction

Breathing Affirmation Induction

Affirmation wording alters the client's mind

Breathing Affirmation Induction

Technique: The Breathing Affirmation Induction was developed by David Mason as a way of hypnotizing clients who would not or could not relax enough for normal induction methods. It is a very gentle induction method that uses the body's natural relaxation response to put the client into trance without anxiety or fears of losing control. You use the affirmation wording to put whatever idea you want to into the client's mind, while at the same time inducing trance.

Advantages: It works well even for analytical people who normally are hard to hypnotize. It prevents their over active minds and constant self talk from interfering with the induction process. It also has the advantage that the actual words can be varied to suit each individual.

Disadvantages:  The hypnotist needs to be able to recognize when trance has been achieved as there is little feedback from the client.

Extensions: The affirmation breathing induction is better and more efficient than the mantra inductions used for meditation. It is very effective for hypnotizing yourself. It is a very good way of teaching self hypnosis to clients.

You can make up any pair of affirmations: for weight loss, or smoking or anything you like as long as they are brief and easy to say.


 The Setup  
 Just make yourself comfortable now... settle into a position where you can begin to relax...ISeeding comfort, relaxation
 Now take one deep breath... and release.... Parasympathetic
 And another deep breath... and release again... just let it all go.... response
 and one last breath... and this time really relax as you breath out.... begins
 That's right... Reassurance
 The Induction  
 Now allow your breathing to return to normal...  
 and focus on your breathing... just become aware of the gentle in and out of your breath... Dissociation
 That's right...  
 Think about how your breath comes in and goes out.... and imagine that as you breath out .... each breath can relax you a little more...DSuggest Relaxation
 and with each breath in.... say to yourself... quietly in your mind.... 'I want this to work'..... Start the affirmation
 and with each breath out... say to yourself... quietly in your mind... 'It's working now'... Second affirmation
 and with each breath in.... 'I want this to work' Pace the breathing
 and with each breath out.... say to yourself.... 'It's working now....' Pace the breathing
 - - - - - - - -  
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