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Milton Model techniques summarized 

The Milton Model techniques and indirect suggestions used in conversational hypnosis are designed to mislead or confuse, and force you to think about what the indirect suggestion might mean, what the different possibilities are, and how it applies to you personally.

But they themselves can be subtle and confusing. This table summarizes the various types of Milton Model technique. Use this as a check to ensure that you don't overlook any potentially useful commands.

The Milton Model Techniques summarized

TechniqueConversational Logic
Cause and Effectone thing is true, therefore the next thing must be true
Complex Equivalencebecause one thing is true the other thing must be true
Conversational Commandsquestions are posed in suggestions that are really instructions
Embedded CommandsDirect commands embedded within ordinary conversation
Extended Quotationattribute a suggestion to someone else
Lost Performativesomething is said to be true, but not how it is known to be true
Mind Readingthe suggestion implies knowing what the client is thinking or feeling
Modal Operatoruse words that imply things could happen or must happen
Negative Suggestionsask for one thing but really expect a different behavior
Nominalizationstreating a verb as a noun
Non Sequiturlinking something true to an outcome that does not logically follow.
Presuppositionassume something is true and then state the result of that thing being true
Inanimationsassign feelings or actions to things that cannot have any
Tag Questionquestions that encourage the listener to confirm what was just said
Truism setsused in sets of three to produce a false cause and effect
Universal Quantifierword that act to generalize a particular statement
Unspecific Comparisona comparison is made, but does not specify what is being compared with
Unspecific Objectwords that sound good but are actually quite vague
Unspecific Verbverbs that sound good but are hard to pin down
Bindswhat appears to be a choice, really isn't one.


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