physio massage induction

Physio Massage Induction

Ease away the tension into trance

Physio Massage Induction

The physio massage induction uses the memory of being massaged to relax into trance. This induction is unusual because it involves repeatedly touching the client in sensitive parts. Many people are very sensitive to touch. Physiotherapists report that more than half of their clients go to sleep on the table. In fact, the soft stroking, warm room and quiet music is putting their clients into trance. The physio massage induction builds on this experience.

Good for non-visualizers. You can agree with the client to just use visualization, or you can actually touch them. Physically touching works much better for some people, and puts them into a deep trance straight away. Be sure to get permission first.


Massage away the tension and relax

 Now just imagine you are lying on a on a massage table,  or sitting in a massage chair, ready for someone to massage your body. VMental preparation
 You take a deep breath and let everything go limp.  
 memorySomewhere warm and comfortable, soft music playing. K 
 And someone begins gently rubbing fingers into your scalp. KGently touch the top of their head
 You feel it starting to relax you now. I 
 Then gentle circles on your forehead, easing and relaxing. >Lightly circle your fingers
 Then gentle touches on your face, soft and soothing. >Soft strokes on the cheek bones
 - - - - -  
 - - - - - The rest of this script is in the Hypnosis Inductions  - - - - -  
 - - - - -  
 And your mind is drifting this way and that.
And you can forget all about where you are, forget about your body, letting it all go. That’s right.
Deeply relaxed now.



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