weird dreams

Weird Dreams

Last night as we put the light out I was about to say to my wife 'sweet dreams' when I realized that 'sweet dreams' is actually the last thing you would want to wish on someone.

What weird dreams are for

The purpose of dreams is to allow the mind to resolve things that have not been resolved during the day. Dreams also are an outcome of processes by the unconscious mind. All dreams are expressed as metaphors. This is why then seem so bizarre. Each element is a symbolic representation of something that is held in your mind and the action of the dream represents the interaction between different parts of your mind. The essential aspect of a specific dream is that everything represents you, every part of the dream is a part of you.

My Weird Dreams

I recently had a weird dream of having to go into a large multistory building. Outside was an Indian looking couple in a four poster bed with rich drapes hanging down. Around the couple was a large group of angry people. The couple in the bed were looking very apprehensive. But I felt compelled to leave them there and go into the building. Inside the building I got lost in a confusing mess of different rooms, stairs, lifts etc. While trying to find my way out I realized that the couple in the bed were going to be stoned to death. I thought that I had to get out and stop it but I couldn't find the way out.

Eventually I did get out and back to the place but the crowd had gone and there was just a huge pile of rock there. I thought to myself' 'well, there was nothing I could do about it really, it is not up to me to interfere in other people's cultures' and I went on my way.

Analyzing weird dreams

This sort of dream is full of violence and feeling trapped and is the exact opposite of a 'sweet dream'. However what the dream represents is two parts of my mind. One part is not longer useful to me in living my life: old ideas, self beliefs and outdated rules. That part is represented metaphorically by the couple in the bed. I suspect they were 'Indian looking' because that represented 'foreign' in my subconscious.

The other part of my mind wants to get rid of those old beliefs, feelings or whatever: represented by the angry crowd. I got lost in the building as a metaphoric way of not interfering consciously in the cleansing process.

It only through this type of dream that you make changes in your mind and learn and mature. The person who first came up with the wish for 'sweet dreams' didn't know what they were talking about.

David Mason

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