mind body connection

Mind body connection reveals feelings in your body

Recent research into mind-body connection has identified that people from countries all round the world feel various emotions in the same parts of their body. This is to say, if a person in Algeria feels anger, then they feel it in their stomach. People in Argentina would feel anger in their stomach too. The theory is that the link between your body and your emotions is the same for everyone, everywhere.

Mind body connection

People were asked to shade in part of a body outline to show where in their body they felt anger, or sadness or happiness, etc. There were two interesting results. One, that so many people actually noticed a part of their body responding to a feeling. And two, that the same feeling was mostly associated with the same area of the body. So cold feet or an itchy nose may be reflecting your emotions.

In the West, mind and body were regarded as being separate. This research is just another piece of evidence that supports the Eastern view that the mind and body are intimately connected. The European view that your body and mind are separate is actually quite recent. Before the discovery of bacteria and viruses doctors recommended increasing your general well-being in order to increase your health. This led to the popularity of spas and seaside holidays. 

Today, thinking about body and mind has come full circle. It is now widely recognized that there is a link between stress, anxiety and physical illness. A belief in the mind-body connection is no longer considered strange or New Age. People with clear physical illnesses are now regularly prescribed meditation, relaxation, and hypnosis as ways of getting better.

One reason why the link between mind and body is not more commonly recognised, is because it differs in individuals. Some people show a clear link, some people show no link.

I wonder if you have noticed the mapping between emotions and physical responses in yourself? Or like me, you don’t seem to see any response from your body to different moods?

David Mason

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