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How true are hypnosis videos?

How true are hypnosis videos?

During this break I have had time to explore some of the hypnosis videos that I would not normally get round to viewing. You always learn more that just the surface story, don't you? Most of the videos were of teaching seminars located in various hotel rooms, but some were introduced as being in the hypnotist's home, often with family members and pets in the frame.

What I thought was really interesting was the contrast between what was being said, and the results, as evidenced by the quality of the homes on show. In every case the 'world famous' hypnotist was telling the viewer how to become a top hypnotist. In many cases how to become successful in life. But the background showed clearly that the hypnotist in the video was not successful. He was in fact living in a rather ordinary home with none of the symbols of success expected of a 'world famous' seminar leader.

Show me the money

You have to wonder exactly how effective the product they are selling is. As usual, there was no proof of any kind offered, other than unsubstantiated stories about someone somewhere who made miraculous recoveries or became global business leaders. And thinking about it, if these trainers and gurus were actually any good, why would they not have made all the money they possibly need and retired? Why do they have to keep pumping out videos?

I remember speaking to Andrew Newton, a UK stage hypnotist who travels the world about whether you can make a living in hypnosis. He said, and he has been in the business for thirty years, that the only people who made any money out of hypnosis in the UK was himself and Paul McKenna. I think the same sort of truth applies in other countries. Ninety eight percent of stage hypnotists spend their time night after night doing a two hour show at a school hall or the back room of some bar in a minor town to an audience of between twenty and a hundred before spending the day travelling on to the next town and doing it all again. I don't envy them their lifestyle.

Maybe we should ask every hypno guru to show us the money before giving them any of ours?

David Mason

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