Fear of snorkelling

Fear of snorkeling phobia

Fear of snorkeling phobia

I am looking for a script that will work with a lady who is having trouble putting her head underwater to swim or snorkel.

I haven't as yet had a full session with her. She mentioned that this would be what she would require healing with.  I am not sure which script would work best. Your advice much appreciated.

I have used your hypnosis scripts in the past especially for nail biting.  We have had a lot of success. I only had to go back and do a follow-up once.

Removing fear of snorkelling

There isn't really a script for this type of thing. What she is experiencing is a type of psychological fear linked to a much earlier fear.  Most phobias are created when a child gets frightened by something. The child's mind creates an association between the fear and the situation. After that every time the child finds themselves in that situation the fear comes back. Over time, the fear get stronger and stronger. It can eventually become debilitating. Most adults deal with the fear by avoiding the situation. However, phobias are fairly easy to clear up.

You need to use regression for this condition. Find out what is triggering the fear, and what the original situation was that is causing the fear. Put the client into a light trance. Tell her to bring to mind the fear by thinking about what triggers it. When she is experiencing the fear at a mild level, ask her to allow her mind to open.  Ask her to remember the very first time she ever felt that way. She will probably report some childhood event that she remembers, but has given very little weight to.

Ask her to describe the event in detail, who was there, what happened, yet had to make it as vivid as possible.   Then introduce some element, or some person, or some personal power that she has that allows her to overcome the fear. Once she has succeeded in banishing the fear in her mind, the phobia is gone forever.


You don't need a script, you just need a procedure to follow.

David Mason

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