strategically significant customers

Strategically significant customers

Clients who change your business

There are many ways of marketing hypnosis services. However marketing theory has identified what are known as Strategically Significant customers. All marketing should be focused on strategically significant customers first. To count as strategic a client needs to satisfy one or more of three requirements:

  1. Customers with high life-time values (i.e. customers who will use the service many times in the long term). For a hypnotherapy practice this type of customer is actually quite rare. If you do your job properly they should not be coming back repeatedly!
  2. Customers who serve as benchmarks for other customers. These are very valuable to the working hypnotherapist since these are the customers who tell their friends, and their friends' friends, and are willing to give testimonials and be references for wavering customers.
  3.  Customers who inspire change in the supplier.

These are actually the most valuable type of customer. These are clients who are willing to let you follow up. They will often tell you what they think worked well, and what did not work so well. The best type of customer is someone who is demanding and unreasonable and wants more than you are prepared to give.

That kind of customer is what forces you to improve your service, to learn more, to make changes in your product, and generally keeps you from getting complacent. Complacent providers get replaced by proactive providers.

You should follow up after every session, and keep records how your client decided to use you, and not some other service.

David Mason

Therapist at Wellington Hypnosis
David Mason is an experienced and university qualified hypnotherapist with 15 years of clinical practice. He has a PhD and a Masters degree in psychology.
He is highly regarded in the hypnotherapy community. He is Vice President of the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (NZAPH).
He is regularly consulted for advice by other hypnotherapists around the world. He is known for the quality of his published scripts. He presents at international conferences and has published on hypnosis and advanced hypnotherapy.
He lives in Wellington New Zealand with his wife Trish and a cat called Parsnip.
David Mason
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